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    Senior Member bitsbubba's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by ICEMAN1999 View Post
    Thank you + REP that worked out!
    No problem, glad I helped.

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    The number sign? I'll try it. Be back in a flash.

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    Has anyone tried Black Ops? It backups fine and the manager replaces the 3.50 firmware file to the 3.41 but when I go to load the game outside the manager (indirect load), the game just goes to a black screen then back to the PS3 home screen. Any ideas?

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    It worked!! Why did that work!?!?

    Thank you, by the way. I appreciate the help a lot!

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    You doubt my skill? JK lol, no prob glad I could help.

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    I bet this has already been ducussed and a solution has been found but haven't seen it past the last 10 pages (not the first 10, the last 10)

    ok my issue is if I take out my jailbrake device (p3go) I have 1 listing of the games, if I have my P3GO connected I get 2 listings of each game I have my games in /dev_hdd0/GAMEZ

    thing to note is when selecting a game it will show that its from HDD and the second from USB0 (or 1 or what not, at work atm so cant check)

    has anyone else seen this?

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    happens with my P3go also, try this

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
    are you using Hermes or PL3?
    I'm using this playload on my HTC Dream. That is what Amon_RA encoded in the recovery image.

    - jailbreak of ps3′s with firmware 2.76, 3.01, 3.10, 3.15, 3.21, 3.40, 3.41
    - all features offered by KaKaRoTo’s PL3
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    post your options.ini

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    Double listing will be fixed for these rare occasions in the next version.


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