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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    farenheit Guest
    Deanrr why cant i get my fat PS3 to display the background images PICPL.PNG and PICPR.PNG in homebrew and in File Manager?

    Whatever this so called problem is, its affecting the game manager for some of my games and its really annoying me now
    I can take pictures for you if you want? It just defaults to a white background ?

    Can you please help me with this issue...

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    cbprod Guest
    how about in the options.ini having to be able to set a certain folder for covers, like we can do with the games now.

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    farenheit Guest
    By the way Deanrr i've adjusted the background image to compensate for the covers you might need to adjust the code slightly or not.

    Any ideas for my issues...

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    deank Guest
    Homebrew mode doesn't support anything.

    In normal modes you shouldn't see WHITE backgrounds unless something is wrong with the PNGs. Yes, take a picture and describe the problem with particular game in details. If there is no PIC1.PNG and you're viewing a game from INTERNAL HDD then it can happen.

    Quote Originally Posted by cbprod View Post
    how about in the options.ini having to be able to set a certain folder for covers, like we can do with the games now.
    Yes, I'll add an ini option for that tomorrow.

    The latest 1.07 version has the background changed and it fits just fine. I guess you didn't try it or didn't see the screenshot on the first page of the thread.



    Next minor update will restore SLIDE display mode (with 7 game icons) + covers if available.

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    Jurai2 Guest
    i'm impressed that only one asked for source so far

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    Shabang22 Guest
    Keep up the good work deanrr, loving your work!

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    deank Guest



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    Bigshon Guest
    IF I knew how to compile I would (hint hint), I like all three managers on this site. All are great for different reasons.

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    Jurai2 Guest
    I finally switched from notepad to notepad++, the bracket highlighting is nice

    my wordering was a pretty accurate description of most people who keep asking for source fyi

    dean: your hdd size display is a bit in the possible overscan area, maybe make the device labels a smidge smaller so you can move the size info up?

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    deank Guest
    I tried my TV '16:9' scan-zone on/off and it looked fine... at least for the file manager.

    I hate these overscan zones requirements

    Did you mean the 'game mode labels' or the 'file manager' ones?

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