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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    JuGs Guest
    Thanks +Rep for you!

    bitsbuba: I used your option .ini

    But i have two problems... First is ins MultiMan appear twice the same name for the game.
    And the seccond problem... I only play with a BD disc in Driver... /app_home/PS3_GAME/ don't work... =[

    EDIT: Problem Solved... Just changed the secundary games Folder to GAMES... And correct the line mount_point=app_home+/dev_bdvd to mount_point=/app_home+/dev_bdvd

    Works Fine...

    Attached the option.ini to PL3+PSN+FOLDER GAMEZ...

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    agruman Guest
    The changes needed for PL3 payload should really be mentioned in the first post, or be made default (since that payload is more restrictive and correct, ex; don't allow every freaking thing )

    Just my 2c

    Thanks for a great looking loader.

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    YuYeVoN Guest

    I've been using Gaia Manager to load my own backup's from HDD. I use my HTC Dream with recovery v1.3.1 to load the jailbreak, wich works fine.

    I want to start using Multimans because i like the look, but one problem, it doesn't load my games after I click to launch a game?

    When I do the same with Gaia it workes fine, any help here?

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    calivera Guest
    Has anyone tried Call of Duty Black Ops?

    I had no problems backing up, it wants to upgrade the PS3 firmware to 3.50. The backup manager changed the file to 3.41. But when I try to load the game it keeps coming up with an error and never gets into the game. I've tried direct and indirect load and loading the game to the internal HDD but I not having any luck.

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    agruman Guest
    I believe you are running with PL3 payload, atleast thats my guess based on your symtoms. Try with these modifications to options.ini:

    /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/options_default.ini or options.ini
    # syscall35 source_path (/dev_bdvd or /app_home or /app_home+/dev_bdvd)
    # SysCalls to mount MOUNT_POINT

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    markb1 Guest
    i put f1 2010 on my external drive. When the game loads it first says update 1.1 available. i then update it. then it makes to sounds beeb beep the it turns of into standby mode.

    any cure for this or is this a bad version?

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    caleb4god Guest
    great manager, one problem for me with the PL3 psn payload that spoofs to 3.50. If i have a usb drive plugged in it gives me duplicate names for all games installed on my internal HDD. anything i can change in the options.ini to fix this? I store my games in OMAN46576/GAMEZ

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    denazgull Guest
    Hi to all of you,

    This is my first post ever in PS3 jb scene, and most just to say THANK YOU all, Devs and Noobs (like me), because a have learn a lot with you in past 1-2 months, and by just reading all your posts, managed to jb my fat 3.41 (500Gb internal) with PL3 rockbox Ipod video 30gb, and running multiMAN (after short time with Gaia). I just have a couple questions:

    1- Is there a way of multiMAN looks for INDEX.BDM in 3rd folder (from root), like TvShow->AVCHD_Title->BVDM, It would help keeping usb hdd more organized.

    2- In main multiMAN screen (where we launch games and videos), is there a way to see a structure like folders, for GAMES and VIDEOS (thanks to you the list is getting bigger and bigger )

    3- Which payload is better to use with my Ipod video, multiMAN and connecting PSN, no Netflix, but would like to play Eyepet (F1 2010 plays just fine now)

    And thanks to FMAranda who send me into Wine world to use multiAVCHD (i was getting tired of Parallels and Bootcamp), now i even can use FlashFXP for FTP (average of 17/20 MB/s), since i couldnīt get Filezilla to work. BTW, which archive manager do you use for queuing multiple and big zip/rar files? I hate Stuffit!

    Thank you for keeping my brain alive!

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    Zentsuken Guest
    Quick question deanrr, it's been sometime since I've upgraded to a newer multiMAN build.

    But was wondering if it would be possible to have a 'enable/disable' kind of feature in the ini for the pushlist clear.

    Reason why is because since on my PS3 my account is #14. It doesn't seem to clear my pushlist under 'Home' just the other list. Thus leaving me with a blank list for one, and a list of games I've played on the other. Which would be somewhat weird.

    Also, isn't having the pushlist cleaned off kinda bad? Just curious to know since I don't know if Sony wouldn't find it odd that you've played all these other games in the past yet your list shows up with one game only. (Since it gets cleared after boot)

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    themonk Guest
    Black ops working with my PS3 using multiman, no problems... Ensure that to update the metadata folder and update param folder to show 3.40 too.

    I have a question regarding covers. What dimensions do the covers need to be I can see from the download pack they are 260 x 300 but I am most programmes to alter Dimensions will not allow this dimension... I am Using stark covers to create mine but am unable to change the dimensions that it outputs... Anyone know of programmes to change the dimesions and what the dimensions need to be?

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