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    I have to say this project looks promessing, like all in one, this way we dont have to have alot os icons on the XMB, i guess...

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    Hi dean,

    First of all, thanks for your great job.

    I have two request:

    - can you add an option to patch games 3.42 to 3.41 ?

    - Can you add the possibility of edit default.ini and change the path for the covers?. Since the payload do not works if you turn on the ps3 with a usb stick plugged, i whould have to plug in every time i turn on the ps3 so i whould like to put covers in some dir from hd.

    - And if you can add the posibility of edit default.ini from/in gaia manager it whould be great!!.

    Sorry for my poor english, it's not my native languaje.


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    Oct 2010
    First post updated with link to version 1.07.

    All works now. The slide display mode is disabled (current icon only).

    * Copy file, copy folder, delete file and delete folder options in FILE MANAGER now work.
    * Support for covers in the default display mode (download the cover package and install it)
    * FILE MANAGER is selectable with [SELECT] button from any display mode
    * In FILE MANAGER mode you'll see file name/date in the bottom status line if filename is too long to be displayed in the list

    During copy/backup process you'll see REMAINING time and not elapsed. Auto splitting/joining for 4GB+ files and USB drives is supported.


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    do not have a "move" option?

    Can you implement it?

    Can you read my last post before this? (it's over yours)

    Thank you very much.

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    Oct 2010
    Check few posts above, too.

    You can edit the options and transfer the file to managers folder (to replace the existing one) or better rename it as options.ini.

    MOVE/RENAME/CUT/PASTE for file manager will be available soon. I didn't have time today for it.

    I'll see about 3.41 patching.

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    Thank you. You are the best.

    Keep the good work.


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    do the covers have to be a certain size? i already have covers on my ps3 from the gaia manager would i be able to use those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbprod View Post
    do the covers have to be a certain size? i already have covers on my ps3 from the gaia manager would i be able to use those?
    Yea, it works fine. I just tried it with my covers from gaia.

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    There is a link in the first post which allows you to install a cover package for this manager. You can always manually copy your own covers (or from other managers) to the appropriate folder /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/covers

    I'll see about the name. It is ridiculously long.

    I'll post the source when I clean it up a bit. You can edit the options file to start with the file manager as default. Just set:


    That's what I use

    Btw, I always wondered why comgenie's filemanager is almost 10MB large...


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    Dean, great work, i'm using only this manager.

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