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  1. #651
    Nappis Guest
    I got the racquet sports to work just by renaming the correct ID. Final fantasy I don't have.

  2. #652
    salty666 Guest
    Hello Dean,

    Little problem with FTP. When i log-out. i have to restart MultiMan when i want to log-in again. WinSCP.

  3. #653
    pacboy Guest
    Thank you so much for your help, sadly it didn't work, tried the attachment, and changed the original picture into none interlaced PNG still no result double check the Id,

    The ID is correct , copied the ID name from the USRDIR/cover, tried a little experiment, rename a working background from another game, rename it to MRTC00003.PNG, still nothing, so it might be not the picture format problem.

    Tried to delete the cover from USBDIR/cover and cache , force it to redownload from server , the cover show up the id is correct or the same but no background, Please help, and thanks for the quick reply.

  4. #654
    Kichiro Guest

    maybe i have a sucess, my Problem is, i have over 70 Games on my External HDD. Ok no prob^^, but i takes a longer time to scroll down or up because everytime it takes some time to load the cover and/or background.

    Can u change a thing that we can faster scroll down or up?
    Or/Also a Filter that i can choose A-Z. maybe i want Star Wars so i choose S^^

    Can you make also a Mask where u can switch between Gamez, Moviez, Music etc?

  5. #655
    pacboy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Nappis View Post
    I got the racquet sports to work just by renaming the correct ID. Final fantasy I don't have.
    What is the correct ID? mine is BLES01000.PNG, it didn't work and where did you put the file ? what directory? and do you use ftp or file manager ? Thanks

    Btw I got the cover from google search image, search the title name and choose large , or the exact pixel and photoshoped it a little bit

  6. #656
    Ramnath2k Guest
    Why is the navigation from one cover to another cover is slow ?

  7. #657
    achensu Guest
    hi Dean, can this multiman to open mkv file for movie. i love it if it can do it!


  8. #658
    Nappis Guest
    Mine ID is BLEU30571.PNG

    I put it to that cache directory witch you mentioned by FTP.

    Did you wrote all with BIG letters, also that "PNG"? If that png is with little letters, it doesn't work.

  9. #659
    tonybologna Guest
    No support for MKV yet!

  10. #660
    pacboy Guest
    Thanks for that info, yes, I wrote that with Big Letter also the .PNG with big letter, got 81 games covers and background showed up nicely, these two games are driving me nuts.

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