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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    deank Guest
    Yes, there is a link in the 1st post.

    Download it, install it and then update to 01.09.04.

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    zeromx Guest
    Thanks again deanrr.

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    tonybologna Guest
    dean: I'm having a terrible time getting the mouse to work right with my controller for file manager. It must be the controller although it works fine with other things. I think the left stick must be too sensitive or something.

    I have no control over where the dang pointer lands from file manager screen. I have tried everything with the stick. Is it supposed to be that sensitive? I can't look at any of the "help" or "about" screens because my dang pointer is all over the place with no control over it. Geez!

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    deank Guest
    Use the RIGHT stick to control the pointer.

    It moves really smooth and I see no reason for it to behave differently at your end.

    The left stick emulates the D-PAD buttons.

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    tonybologna Guest
    Well, it must be my sticks then. I have no control over where the mouse points. I can't get it stopped on any item to do anything. The analog sticks on this controller must be the problem. Is there any way to implement using just the standard control pad?

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    deank Guest
    I can add an option in the .ini to set deadzone percent. At the moment it is set to ~22% which should work for everyone...

    I'll also add startup check for calibrating the 'center' position of both sticks - it should improve the performance, too.

    Can you explain what happens when you use the RIGHT stick?

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    tonybologna Guest
    You asking about the right stick by itself? When I try to move just the right stick the mouse pointer just goes all over the place. I mean the slightest movement from the stick.

    I can't seem to stop it anywhere on the screen. Sometimes, the mouse pointer isn't viewable at all no matter what I do with the right stick.

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    sadere Guest
    Thanks a lot deanrr !

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    mick711 Guest
    Thanks for this update and for your source for 3.15 i'm very happy.

    I see now it's possible to convert BD to AVCHD i don't read full post but it's possible to add divX support like avi and mkv, and why not mp3 ogg png jpg bmp ?

    I test your update tonight on my 3.15 with KaraRoto PL3 (31/10/2010) and Fix usb for 3.15.


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    deank Guest
    I see no reason and need to add DivX/XviD as it is already supported by the PS3.

    I'll try to contact SMS player developer (the best homebrew for PS2) and will try to add network support to the filemanager.

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