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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    johnny1233 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    Yes, I can add an option in the next release. You can use the 'disable_options' option which affects game and filemanager modes.

    First post updated with link for multiMAN 01.09.03 compiled for older firmwares (01.90 - 03.40).

    If someone can give it a try and post back if it works properly?
    TY ! can't wait for the release

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    deank Guest
    Can't wait? The release is there for you to test!

    Works fine on FW 3.41, except for a minor glitch in the FILE MANAGER mode, where for some reason file size/date isn't displayed correctly - otherwise everything else works.

    edit: I fixed the issue with the filemanager in the 3.15FW release and will post the update later. OSK (on-screen-keyboard) doesn't work for 3.15 version which means no "RENAME" and "CREATE NEW FOLDER", but otherwise all other features work.

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    deank Guest
    First post updated with links and information about version 01.09.04:

    * Separate release for older firmwares (01.09-03.40): on-screen keyboard doesn't work in this release (means no "RENAME" and "CREATE NEW FOLDER" in file manager mode).

    01.09.04 - Background slide/animation uses PICPA.PNG (and not PICPL/PICPR.PNG) to save 8MB or memory.
    01.09.04 - Source changes to compile with SDK 1.90 for older firmwares.
    01.09.04 - Separate release for FW 1.90-3.40 (OSK not working in file manager)

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    ricky68 Guest
    can somebody help me about, backup blu-ray movie, i have make a backup and transfered from my pc to my ps3 internal hdd into directory gamez, but i can launch the film, i return to xmb.


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    deank Guest
    What version of multiMAN do you use?

    The blu-ray movie should be colored in RED/ORANGE, saved on the INTERNAL HDD and when you click [X] to activate it, you should get a prompt if you want to convert it to AVCHD.

    Also you will need a SDHC or MemoryStick card OR any USB stick/hdd connected to you PS3 to make it work.

    When it returns to XMB you must go to the [VIDEO] tab and start the playback from there - activating the AVCHD icon from the device list (SDHC/MemoryStick/USB device).

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    PagaN Guest
    deanrr great work, keep it up

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    ricky68 Guest
    i have try with a usb key, it's the same problem, i return to xmb, the backup is a move in zone a, and my ps3 in zone b, the problem could be come from here??

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    deank Guest
    Do you go to the VIDEO tab in XMB, select your USB and then activate the AVCHD icon?

    If your backup has JAVA it won't work. Region doesn't matter.

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    ricky68 Guest
    i have the avchd icon, but i return to xmb, maybe a bd-j but if a copy just the .M2ts, that could be work??

    thanks for your help.

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    zeromx Guest
    + REP great work...

    - Is there anyway to download all covers in one click?

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