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  1. #451
    adr990 Guest
    I replaced the category game thing, but it doesn't work for me.

    Or the whole usb cfw loader app doesn't work for me. haha

    How to actually see if it did work? It just 'reloads' xmb here. heh

  2. #452
    deank Guest
    1) You copy the CONTENTS of /dev_flash to your USB stick

    so your USB has these folders in the root:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    2) Replace the .xml file as described above
    3) Start the firm-loader
    4) You'll see the USB blinking and then it will return to XMB

    If you mounted dev_flash from the USB successfully you'll see the USB blinking often when you move in the XMB...

    If all is okay you'll see PS2 memory card option and other things in the XMB/Game tab.

  3. #453
    muny21 Guest
    i tried but it says at the screen that says connect a ps3 controller and press the ps button. can i do this off an external hard drive or should i use my psp which has a memory stick? with the external that is what i get.

    ok dean figured it out. but the disc says unsupported data.

  4. #454
    deank Guest
    The PS2 disc? Did it appear or just the question mark with unsupported?

  5. #455
    muny21 Guest
    it just showed the ? with unsupported data. it looked like a disc with the question mark over it. and next to it it said unsupported data.

  6. #456
    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by muny21 View Post
    it just showed the ? with unsupported data. it looked like a disc with the question mark over it. and next to it it said unsupported data.
    But in normal mode (when PS3 is not jailbroken) your disc shows properly?

    It makes no sense - it should appear there... I guess I'll have to find one PS2, too..

    Although it says unsupported you can try with [triangle] and view the INFO/ABOUT and then try to launch it with [X].

  7. #457
    muny21 Guest
    nope. when i press triangle and try to launch it that way it says this model of the ps3 is not compatible with ps2 format software. this happens in normal and jailbroken mode. i do not have a backwards compatible ps3 if that is needed sorry did not know.

  8. #458
    deank Guest
    Oh... yes... you had to tell me about it

    This will work only with BC consoles.. I have two (1st gen 60GB PAL with PS2 support and another 80GB, which doesn't support PS2 games).

    So I guess it means it works... now we need adr990 to get it working

  9. #459
    muny21 Guest
    ok i see. well hope it works for you lucky guys with the BC PS3. i had the first batch when they first came out but we all know how crappy those were. died twice in the first year i had it.

  10. #460
    indurein Guest
    Can you do it to make backups of PS1 games?

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