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  1. #4461
    pyro07112 Guest

  2. #4462
    mrskurvo Guest
    i got 80029564 error when trying to install PKG from XMB

  3. #4463
    windrider42 Guest
    Its an installation error due to either there is something wrong with the pkg file or because this is old stuff. Not for 4.xx CFW

    You only need multiman anymore, thats it.


  4. #4464
    dquestagod Guest
    does this work with 4.55?

    trying to get little big planet to work

  5. #4465
    olpredz Guest

    Amazing !

  6. #4466
    mtuchizi Guest

  7. #4467
    Necronlord54 Guest
    thanks as well

  8. #4468
    bondsky Guest
    thanks bro.. very useful tool

  9. #4469
    padayappa Guest
    thanks very much

  10. #4470
    eRTy77 Guest

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