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  1. #4451
    sexydaddy Guest
    this is very nice release... THX

  2. #4452
    Hannibal1471 Guest
    Does anyone know how to see these AVCHD-videos in multiman? They won't show up here.

  3. #4453
    marzbans Guest
    does anyone know if NTFS is Supported to play from external HDD?

  4. #4454
    HeyManHRU Guest
    You can't play games of a NTFS External HDD, only copy files.

  5. #4455
    rlslick99 Guest
    Thank you... exactly what I was looking for.

  6. #4456
    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    PS3 Alphabetical XMB Installer v0.1 By _Exeedy_ for MultiMAN Out

    Following up on the PS3 Mount Package Install Disc release, today PlayStation 3 developer _Exeedy_ has made available PS3 Alphabetical Sorter XMB Installer v0.1 for use with multiMAN PS3 game back-up manager followed by v0.2 with details below.

    Download: PS3 Alphabetical Sorter XMB Installer v0.1 for multiMAN / PS3 Alphabetical Sorter XMB Installer v0.2 for multiMAN

    From the included ReadMe file: Sorts PSN Games alphabetically in XMB!

    Note: For use with Multiman

    Only double click on the .zip file inside the "Installer DEV_FLASH" folder and install it (not extracting)!!! Now in XMB you can use the entry "last created" and it automatically sorts your games alphabetically..

    Tested with Rogero 4.30 CFW
    Should work on other 4.21+ cfws too


    Iceman you are not allowed to use that in your awesome xmb mods

    v0.2 Changelog: Changed "Creation Date" to "Alphabetical A-Z" now it fits better to the XMB (Only available for system languages English (us/en) and German at the moment). v0.2 only tested with Rogero 4.30 CFW. Should work on other 4.21+ cfws too. Other languages coming soon! Use at your own risk!

    Update: I said "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!" and "Tested on Rogero 4.30". If you have problems use v0.1! Some people have problems with Rebug 4.21 CFW they said that they dont have a "Whats New" entry anymore.

    Coming soon: Installer v0.2 and DeInstaller for v0.2 with Rebug 4.21 support!

    Here is the DeInstaller for v0.2 Rogero 4.30: DeInstaller v0.2 - Rogero 4.30.zip

    Now the issues with Rebug 4.21.1 should be solved. Use at your own risk!

    Download: Installer v0.2 - Rebug 4.21.1.zip / Deinstaller v0.2 - Rebug 4.21.1 REX.zip

    Finally, from kilkip also comes REX 4.21.1. files below, who states the following:

    Download: REX 4.21.1 Files

    Here you go, original untoughed REX 4.21.1 files as requested, nice addon man... keep it up. pupunpacker for the lazy ones... working nicely on REX 4.21.1 now.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  7. #4457
    seeman Guest

  8. #4458
    PSFreak26 Guest
    I love this comment

  9. #4459
    seeman Guest
    lol you didn't say nothing about me LOL i can't see my name there so i'm using it for my mod if you got nothing against it .. check mclow mod ...

  10. #4460
    sundayzo Guest
    Great GUI, at least it make me happy!

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