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  1. #4431
    imtoodvs Guest

    what did i miss

    ok, i just updated my Debug to 3.55, installed 4.01 base, then the dex pkg, but my games wont play. tried to install bdemu2, but its not working, it won't install.

    where am i going wrong. i also set the bdemu to usb in debug options, & i'm downloading 4.01 full pkg to see if i missed something.

  2. #4432
    Blade86 Guest
    Perhaps if you set all settings to debug mode and load the self as eboot.bin without npdrm... Don't know if you need debug-fself.

    Still waiting 4 answers as you.


  3. #4433
    imtoodvs Guest
    i keep getting "Multiman can not enable BD Rom emulator" & "ERROR unsupported system firmware"

    i'm on debug 3.55

  4. #4434
    mgkmgk Guest
    I think your problem is that you need the BDemu file installing - doesn't come packaged with multiman - look at the top of this page - its available in downloads from this site.

    imtoodvs see post 4421 on previous page - that's what you need.

  5. #4435
    imtoodvs Guest
    tried it, bdemu2 wouldnt install. i'll redownload & try again

  6. #4436
    miandad Guest
    You need to install the mmCM v04.01.00 first on your DEX, then run this UPD PKG to get multiMAN.

    try it bro

  7. #4437
    imtoodvs Guest
    tried it on two different Debug machines, no good. maybe its a setting, who has a debug & has successfully got multiman to work.
    guess work from the retail side of thing are helpful, but not giving me the answers needed.

    multiman installed fine but i have an incompatible firmware error & its unable to find the BDEMU.

  8. #4438
    kreus Guest
    i installed and it plays fine (only 3.55 games of course)

  9. #4439
    imtoodvs Guest
    2 questions

    1. are you on an official debug machine?
    2. what settings are you using?

    maybe you can shine a little light on this for me.

  10. #4440
    kreus Guest
    nope, used the rebug 3.55.2 CEX and putted on dex.

    Rebug 3.55.2 -> QA-fl. -> LV2Loader -> lv2_kernel.self -> mmCM 4.01 -> mmCM 4.01 dex mod

    Don't mess with the rebug options. Mine worked in default.

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