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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    MaxM Guest
    that's good to hear, changing the options again and again was really annoying ^^

    Is it with all PS3 versions possible to mount PS2 Backups?

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    vnguyen972 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by MaxM View Post

    And if I save the options_default.ini in USRDIR and renamed it to options.ini it will not be overwritten when install an update?
    That's exactly one should do.

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    FMAranda Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by MaxM View Post
    that's good to hear, changing the options again and again was really annoying ^^

    Is it with all PS3 versions possible to mount PS2 Backups?
    Don't tell me about it. I think that only the versions with backward compatibility can run PS2 backups, i'm not sure.

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    d3adliner Guest
    The "2" is still cut off at the end of: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

    The "2" shows up in the cover slide view, but not in any of the "list" views.

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    Cooli Guest
    Please the FULL Source Code with the whole folder included the other files like Makefile and the package config file.

    The source code linked in the first post has these files not included.

    You have posted already a FULL Source Code but these was from version 1.04 I think.

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    nugget28 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by nugget28 View Post
    For some reason i have 2 copies of red dead on my list both pointing to the same path and dont want to delete it because i dont want it to remove the data from the hdd.

    I think it may have a happend because i ssh'd the 6gb file into the folder and maybe the manager thought it was another load or something?

    Is there anyway to remove it?
    Still got this issue, dean any ideas?

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    farenheit Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by adr990 View Post
    Oh here is a video:
    Any chance you could post the Heavy Rain Dynamic theme for us please? I've tried the one posted but it keeps coming up as corrupted data.

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    Scheisen2000 Guest
    Hey Deanrr, really looks great!

    Just tested your manager for the first time. The file manager was what I am looking for!

    It copies files like a charm.

    Would it be possible for you to to integrate CellFSstat and CellFSchmod?
    Do you think chown could also be done?

    That would be really helpful to figure some things out.

    You might already have noticed, that there are compatibility issues between different payloads, because the no_unauth_syscall payload doesnt use escalated permissions but therefore runs smoother. If we copy files to the internal hdd while on payload_dev (or any other payload which includes patch 5) the files are owned by root. Usual behavior is, that files are not assigned to an owner.

    Added functionality could help to keep filesystem in order. As long, as we dont have a proper ftp server, adding this functionality to your filemanager could be the easiest way to have these tools available.

    I already tried to set the setuid of some files with a chmod 4777, but until now, without any significant results.

    Would be great if you could add something like that in one of the coming releases.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Wonderkik View Post
    Tried here too, with the same results... Using a teensy with PL3 using Syscall 35 on a 60Go Ps3 Fat. Ps2 games won't appear in the XMB while in Jailbreak mode.

    Using the Filemanager I can browse the Ps2 disc in /App_home but I can't copy anything from it. Returns a "failed Async read" or something like it.
    Quote Originally Posted by adr990 View Post
    Oh yes, I forgot to tell about the App_home part. hehe

    Just saying that I also have this, hmm. Nothing new to report though.
    About PS2 games...

    Here is what I did today...

    1) I modified JaiC USB Firm Loader to load /dev_flash from MemoryStick card (and from SDHC card and from USB) so now I can use the tool with custom DEV_FLASH without wasting USB ports

    Here is a link to the installable PKG. It will install in different location and will not overwrite JailC FirmLoader..

    2) I modified:


    What I did was to use the ORIGINAL category_game.xml (which is used when your PS3 is not jail-broken) - it means that it shows EVERYTHING as a normal retail (not JB console)

    Of course then you'll loose /app_home and * Install package files, so I added few lines in the XML and now it shows everything a RETAIL (non-JB console shows) + the dev options:

    In the beginning of the XML (~line 60) right after

    AND at the end of the XML right after the
    	<View id="seg_welcome">....
    	<View id="seg_gamedebug">
    			<Table key="game_debug">
    				<Pair key="icon_rsc"><String>tex_album_icon</String></Pair>
    				<Pair key="title_rsc"><String>msg_tool_app_home_ps3_game</String></Pair>
    				<Pair key="child"><String>segment</String></Pair>
    			<Query class="type:x-xcb/game-debug" key="game_debug"  attr="game_debug" />
    	<View id="seg_package_files">
    			<Table key="host_device">
    				<Pair key="icon_rsc"><String>tex_album_icon</String></Pair>
    				<Pair key="title_rsc"><String>msg_tool_install_file</String></Pair>
    				<Pair key="child"><String>segment</String></Pair>
    				<Pair key="ingame"><String>disable</String></Pair>
    				key="host_device" attr="host_device"
    	<View id="seg_packages">
    			<Query class="type:x-xmb/xmlpackagefolder" key="host_provider_host" src="host://localhost/q?path=/app_home/&suffix=.pkg&subclass=x-host/package" />
    			<Query class="type:x-xmb/xmlpackagefolder" key="host_provider_bdvd" src="host://localhost/q?path=/dev_bdvd&suffix=.pkg&subclass=x-host/package" />
    			<Query class="type:x-xmb/xmlpackagefolder" key="host_provider_ms" src="host://localhost/q?path=/dev_ms&suffix=.pkg&subclass=x-host/package" />
    			<Query class="type:x-xmb/xmlpackagefolder" key="host_provider_usb0" src="host://localhost/q?path=/dev_usb000&suffix=.pkg&subclass=x-host/package" />
    			<Query class="type:x-xmb/xmlpackagefolder" key="host_provider_usb1" src="host://localhost/q?path=/dev_usb001&suffix=.pkg&subclass=x-host/package" />
    			<Query class="type:x-xmb/xmlpackagefolder" key="host_provider_usb2" src="host://localhost/q?path=/dev_usb002&suffix=.pkg&subclass=x-host/package" />
    			<Query class="type:x-xmb/xmlpackagefolder" key="host_provider_usb3" src="host://localhost/q?path=/dev_usb003&suffix=.pkg&subclass=x-host/package" />
    			<Query class="type:x-xmb/xmlpackagefolder" key="host_provider_usb4" src="host://localhost/q?path=/dev_usb004&suffix=.pkg&subclass=x-host/package" />
    			<Query class="type:x-xmb/xmlpackagefolder" key="host_provider_usb5" src="host://localhost/q?path=/dev_usb005&suffix=.pkg&subclass=x-host/package" />
    			<Query class="type:x-xmb/xmlpackagefolder" key="host_provider_usb6" src="host://localhost/q?path=/dev_usb006&suffix=.pkg&subclass=x-host/package" />
    			<Query class="type:x-xmb/xmlpackagefolder" key="host_provider_usb7" src="host://localhost/q?path=/dev_usb007&suffix=.pkg&subclass=x-host/package" />

    If you don't want to manually edit the file, just download the attached category_game_tool2.xml extract and save it in /vsh/resource/explore/xmb/ of your USB or MSC where you have your /dev_flash dumped.

    With this it should show your PS2 game discs in jailbroken mode and will help us proceed further.


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    RayneR Guest
    Hi dean and everyone else, why don't you put the changelogs in the first post ? thanks, great work.

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