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    hk2 Guest


    Thank You Dean! I have a stack of over 100 Psx and Ps2 Cd-R backup game discs. I've been using my swap magic disc and usbloader to play a few of them.. now with this I can simply make a iso backup and/or play from disk.

    awesome!! NOW TO GET THE CHEAT FUNCTIONS to work. so far I've had problems with one Psx disc I've tried but I will make a iso on pc and upload with ftp and see if it will work. MM wont make a iso of it. hence the problem. but it plays the disc, just doesnt make a iso. also a Ps2 disc wont play, so I know its not perfect yet.

    But this is great now I can bkup everything and store the discs in the closet.

    Thanks again Dean!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by HieiYYH View Post
    no way to run a psx iso or something?
    There is a guide on Using PSX Eboots to Save CD's, but from what I read they must be ran via disc from multiMAN at the moment... perhaps in a future update though.

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    wwywong Guest
    I tested with MultiMAN 2.08.00 and the problem still exists... Can anyone confirm with me whether it is only happening to me? I tried to delete any games in the XMMB using triangle delete, and if it is external, then it can delete fine, but if it's internal, it gives me "Options cannot be changed or title is locked" message. Before I was using 2.04.00 and it used to work.

    Could anyone try it? You don't need to actually delete the game, because before deletion, it will ask you for confirmation to delete it. With my problem, it doesn't even get to that page (for internal games)

    p.s. but it's funny because I tried to go into file manager and delete the folder, I can delete it.

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    Art2Fly Guest
    For some reason my PS3 won't pick up my CD-R of Final Fantasy VII. It wont show up in multiman and the only way I can get any progress is if I go into the file browser and launch the ps1emu.bin or whatever it's called. However, when I do this, if I start a new game, ffvii goes to like .5 fps during the opening movie and renders it unplayable. What am I doing wrong?

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    Siggy12 Guest
    Hi Dean first of all thank You for your loader is simply awesome

    about PSX I have tried this trick with a PS2 game on a retrocompatible PS3 it launch 2/3 seconds then return to XMB. can you make a effort for make this magic work also for PS2 on a retrocompatible PS3 ??

    I remember that You tried to make PS2 backup work on a retrocompatible PS3 on older version of MULTIMAN

    anyway keep up the good work!! greetings!!!

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NTA View Post
    More reason to get earlier PS3 model...
    And why is that exactly?

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    TheDevil Guest
    Well i assume he is thinking of ps2 emulation, where only the the early models of the ps3 have hardware support of ps2 games playback .. the current ps3s don't support ps2 games in any way, so even tho you can dump the ps2 games to iso onto your ps3 you cant play them (except perhaps that cobra dongle .. but that uses software emulation and i hear its less good). Anyways, about something completely different..

    PS 2 Game Disc Protections: Well, really on problems here as the majority of "protections" was just size protections. Sure, putting on a large empty dummy file makes it easier for the ps2 to find the game disc .. but as the sizes kept getting bigger it also made it harder for the swapmagic people to toc swap in their games (as they needed a similar sized genuine disc to fool the ps2). Anyways all this dont matter making dumps and running them on ps3 and Iso format is just fine.

    I do wonder if dual layer games are supported, but there is only 10-20 of them anyways, and most of them have also been hacked to a 2x single layer version anyways. Those of you with small ps3 hdds might want to iso-injector/dummy-file-maker-injector and change all those annoing giant dummy and other languages audio files to 1 byte size files. Obviously wont get much from a GTA or FF game but your normal racing/sport game usually shrink down to a silly 100-200mb iso (note: dont try to recreate or delete files .. use a injector instead to just change file size so the disc structure is kept intact).

    PS1 Game Disc Protections: Now this is where i get a bit worried when people speak of "iso" format. Lots of Ps1 games has since Medievil had on purpose made errors in the disc EDC/ECC. Making a correct backup of those games needs you to make a genuine RAW 2352 byte sector copy and "normal iso" usually dont contain all those extra EDC/ECC data. Quite a effective protection as most early cd-r writers couldnt read RAW and secondly as most people dont know they need to turn off "EDC/ECC auto-correction"-options in their burning software.

    Anyways, not questioning the iso format made by multiman as i havnt even checked it yet, but just wanted to warn people that before a 1000 people spam Dean with pm's or spam the forum with "why dont my X game work?" then perhaps its a good idea to check first if the game is protected and fix it yourself by using a patch on your iso's.

    Like you could check if there is a protection patch on consolecopyworld.com or similar site. Note: you only need to get one if its a "PROTECTION patch" m'kay? (you wont need a pal/ntsc or trainer patch).

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    misiozol Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    All features related to PSX discs require firmware 3.55 (kmeaw/rebug).
    Is there any particular reason why it works only on this CFW ? is there any other way of starting this features in any other CFW ?

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    niwakun Guest
    What I observed so far is in PSX multiMAN feature:
    • You can use the first 2 memory cards you created
    • Even if you dont assigned them into a specific slot, memory cards will still work
    • You cant use any memory cards more than 2.
    • For compatibility, you need at least 1 game that can boot until PS1 Logo appears... once you see the logo, press PS button twice and swap with the disc that is commonly not working or not showing up in XMMB, choose reset option and whoala, PS1 Game boots fine now.

    In the end, the compatibility rate of PSX emu is 100%. I tested this with Final Fantasy Tactics that is commonly not working if you launch the game using multiMAN.

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    HieiYYH Guest
    guess if at least someone could work on creating an app to manage/format external hdd to the same filesystem as the ps3hdd, then that would be better, but for now the cache system is enough... better than nothing eh

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