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    Arrow MultiMAN BROWSER.SELF PS3 Standalone Web Browser Updates

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    PlayStation 3 developer deank has released a stand-alone BROWSER.SELF Web browser that can be used in both multiMAN and other applications by PS3 homebrew developers.


    This is a standalone browser, which can be used by any other application (not just multiMAN).
    • Supports downloading of files
    • FTP server running in the background
    • Allocates ~150MB for the browser, so no more 'insuff. memory' errors
    • If URL is parsed, it will open it. If not -> Official PS3 page is opened
    • On exit it will return to the caller application (if RELOAD.SELF is present in the same folder)
    • Downloaded files are saved under the current folder + ./DOWNLOADS

    If present in multiMAN's USRDIR folder - it will be used instead of the build-in mM browser. (if you update to the latest online version, which includes it)

    Other devs are free to use it in their apps. The proper way would be to create your own EBOOT.BIN, which will call the BROWSER.SELF with any parameter/URL you wish.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Here is an EBOOT.BIN with content_id: WWWFTP-BROW00001_00-WWWBROWSERFTP001

    Using the EBOOT.BIN is not very useful, because you'll always get the official PS3 Web page (I set it to the UK one).

    Below are some more multiMAN PS3 updates for those interested:


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    Ok here is what i did yesterday:

    1. Got from here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...er-119969.html

    the following files (read the whole thread to find all files):

    - REBUG_3.55.2_PS3UPDAT.PUP (178MB)
    - Rebug_Update_Package_0.3_3.55.2.pkg (9MB update)
    - Rebug_Update_Package_0.4_3.55.2.pkg (9MB update)

    Then i got from above:

    - multiMAN ver 02.07.01 BASE (20110918-220000).pkg (6MB)
    - multiMAN ver 02.07.02 UPDATE (20110919-124603).pkg (2MB update)
    - multiMAN ver 02.07.03 UPDATE (20110921-144400).pkg (2MB update)

    2. renamed the REBUG_3.55.2_PS3UPDAT.PUP to PS3UPDAT.PUP and copied it to my PS3/UPDATE folder on my usb stick and then installed the CFW normally.

    3. made a PACKAGES folder in the root of my usb stick and copied all the remaning 5 PKG files into that folder.

    A. Used then the "install packages" option to load the Rebug_Update_Package_0.3_3.55.2.pkg.
    B. Once loaded into the games menu .. then ran the installer and waited for it to finish updating.
    C. Uninstalled the update from the games menu.

    A. Used then the "install packages" option to load the Rebug_Update_Package_0.4_3.55.2.pkg.
    B. Once loaded into the games menu .. then ran the installer and waited for it to finish updating.
    C. Uninstalled the update from the games menu.

    6. Used then the "install packages" option to directly install multiMAN ver 02.07.01 BASE (20110918-220000).pkg

    7. Used then the "install packages" option to directly install multiMAN ver 02.07.02 UPDATE (20110919-124603).pkg

    8. Used then the "install packages" option to directly install multiMAN ver 02.07.03 UPDATE (20110921-144400).pkg

    (then got the latest Showtime.self and some emulators too)

    Make sure to NOT use the "install all packages" that Rebug has, but instead install em all manually one at a time (and make sure to also run those rebug updates as just installing them to the game menu dont update the system).

    Hope its useful

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    Quote Originally Posted by bugyboy View Post
    can I copy bd-movie file external hdd ntfs or fat32 ?
    i don't think so... movie files are too large to fit fat32, ps3 doesn't support ntfs.

    anyway, anyone knows what file system ps3 hdd uses? i think the best chance to put whole games/bluray movies into an external hdd is to use the same filesystem ps3 hdd uses... it's not fat32 that's for sure.

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    Using multiMAN you can enable the use of NTFS external hard drives to move stuff to the PS3s internal HDD.

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    multiMAN v02.07.05, v02.07.06 and v02.07.07 Updates

    Below is multiMAN v02.07.05, v02.07.06 and v02.07.07 updates from deank with the following changes detailed thus far:
    • In 02.07.05 the PSX and PS2 discs are properly detected.
    • PSX discs will show in XMMB Game Column and you can launch the PS1 game from there. It uses ps1_emu.self. If you press [TRIANGLE] over a PSX game icon you can pick to load the disc using ps1_netemu.self (Net).

    Download: multiMAN v02.07.05 Update (20110927-212000) (1.75 MB) / multiMAN v02.07.05 Update (20110927-222200) (1.75 MB) / multiMAN v02.07.06 Update (20110927-234200) (1.75 MB) / multiMAN v02.07.07 Update (20110928-161900) (1.75 MB) / multiMAN v02.07.07 Update (20110928-210000) (1.75 MB)

    Update is also available online. It should make all PSX discs appear in XMMB Game column.

    There are a lot of other things in this release, but I'll post about that in the changelog for the 02.08.00. I tested PSX burned to CD-R and it worked, so I can confirm that it works with some games.

    I hope you find this useful along with loading PS3 games from DVD/BD discs.

    multiMAN v02.07.07 Update (20110928-161900) Changelog:

    In this update about PSX games (FW 3.55 only):
    • Proper management for Memory Card 1 and Memory Card 2 (thanks to moogie and squarepusher for the emulator debug log)
    • The name of the memory card may be anything you wish
    • Setting "Screen Mode" to "Full"
    • Setting "Smoothing" to "On"
    • Detecting PSX discs with Audio tracks (now all PSX discs detected properly)

    If you want "Saves" and "Memory Cards" to work, make sure that your CREATE at least one memory card in XMB/Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2).

    Have in mind that EVEN if you don't assign a slot for a memory card from XMB, multiMAN will search for your memory cards and will assign all of them in the emulator. Do not use the "Assign Slots" menu in the emulator - it will freeze. The cards will be already assigned.

    For all this to work you must launch the game from the PSX black disc icon in XMMB Game column and not the emulator self!

    Note: multiMAN v02.07.07 Update (20110928-210000) above is required to make memory cards working properly. Also you must launch the games from the black PSX icon in multiMAN's XMMB Game column and not from the file manager.

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    Thanks deank , we appreciate every neat feature you add.

    /hugs PS3

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    Hello.. I updated and I am on 3.41 JB and I tried my backup disc and doesn't appear in XMMB Game column at all. The backup game is Megaman 8.

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    I don't think you can backup PS1 games.

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    I tried psx retail games without multiman and it works fine but not backup games with multiman at all.

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    Do you have the latest multiMAN?


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