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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    deank Guest
    It holds the definitions for all paths (backup/search/emulators).

    Btw, version 02.02.00 is out.

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    deank Guest

    MultiMAN v02.02.00 for PS3 Now Multilingual in 22 Languages

    MultiMAN version 02.02.00 for PS3 is now released and includes multilingual support for 22 languages, with the complete changelog detailed below.

    Download: multiMAN ver 02.02.00 (20110709-231000) (71.62 MB)

    multiMAN v02.02.00 Changelog:
    • Added: Multilingual Support (22 languages)
    • Changed: 2304 entries per XMMB column
    • Added: Caching of XMMB Video column to speed up boot process
    • Added: MP3 pop-up info box in XMMB and File Manager
    • Added: "Motion Sensor" setting in XMMB SETTINGS column
    • Added: Motion sensitivity (waving left/right the dualshock controller changes display modes)
    • Added: Debug mode (hold L2+R2 during boot). It will allow downloading official update, even if you're on the same version.
    • Fixed: Issues with coverflow display mode
    • Fixed: Lock when too many AVCHD or Video titles present
    • Fixed: Retro column not sorted after returning from emulator
    • Changed: Behavior of "Refresh" buttons in XMMB multiMAN column and "System Settings" menu

    After two weeks of non stop work and the continuous efforts from a group of translators, multiMAN is now available in 22 different languages. Here is a list of all supported languages and more importantly - the people who participated as translators, editors and advisors:
    "English",		"English"		// multiMAN
    "Bulgarian",		"Български"	// Dean
    "Greek",		"Ελληνικά"		// Nick97_Olympiak (translation is INCOMPLETE!)
    "Turkish",		"Türkçe"		// ozayturay
    "Romanian",		"Română"		// MihaiOlimpiu
    "Polish",		"Polski"		// djtom, Bolec
    "Russian",		"Русский"		// pvc1, thesixsouls
    "Ukrainian",		"Українська"	// sanya007
    "Spanish",		"Español"		// Nathan_r32_69, aldostools
    "Portuguese",	"Português"	        // kgb, NuclearAqua
    "German",		"Deutsch"		// flip
    "French",		"Français"		// Guilouz
    "Italian",		"Italiano"		// m0h
    "Swedish",		"Svenska"		// dlanor
    "Danish",		"Dansk"		// RobinCecil, Anglia
    "Finnish",		"Suomi"		// Jeggu
    "Welsh",		"Cymraeg"		// bropesda
    "Spanish Latin",	"Español Latino"	// tupac4u, pyns, aldostools
    "Japanese",		"日本語"		// zch
    "Chinese (S)",		"简体中文"	// Lucky-star
    "Chinese (T)",		"正體中文"	// Lucky-star
    "Persian",		"ﻰﺳﺭﺎﭘ"			// ASTeam
    Thank you, guys! Thank you.


    Package contains: multiMAN 02.02.00 (71MB) (2443 covers) (showTIME lastGAME ebootFIX ebootMOD bdRESET ps3SERV)
    • LASTGAME app: Mounts the last game you launched from multiMAN and returns you to XMB. Start the game from disc icon or /app_home
    • PS3SERV PC app: To be used with multiMAN file manager /net_host# network folders.
    • EBOOTMOD/EBOOTFIX PC tools: Used to modify/covert games to XMB/PSN style (or reencrypt EBOOT/SPRX files)
    • BD-ROM RESET tool: Removes path redirections, removes bd-mirror (restores usb to normal mode) and moves the last game played in bd-mirror mode back to its location.
    • SHOWTIME is included as SHOWTIME.SELF in multiMAN's USRDIR folder to enable playback of video files

    [imglink=|MultiMAN v02.02.00 for PS3 Now Multilingual in 22 Languages][/imglink]
    [imglink=|MultiMAN v02.02.00 for PS3 Now Multilingual in 22 Languages][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    MultiMAN translated into Italian is a real godsend for me

    Thanks for your awesome work deank.

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    dollies Guest
    Hi Dean, where can I find the latest MM?

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    deank Guest
    First page/post is updated with link and information.


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    daivyphuong Guest
    I need Vietnamese, please support it!!! thanks

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    Windstyle Guest
    Thanks dean for Bulgarian support

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    MePhIsTo1922 Guest
    Thanks DeanK and FLIP for German support - Nice works guys

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    azoreseuropa Guest
    I need a base version. I don't want a full version, thanks.

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    deank Guest
    Good for you. I want a lot of things, too.

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