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    Quote Originally Posted by deank View Post
    Adding as we speak:

    "All", "A-B", "C-D", "E-F", "G-H", "I-J", "K-L", "M-N", "O-P", "Q-R", "S-T", "U-V", "W-X", "Y-Z", "Other"
    Great addition Dean - thanks!

    One small though on above (as I was solving the similar grouping issues in some of my programing):

    For some such "fine" grouping by only two letters in each group might be not ideal. It is indeed a bit of problem to create symetrical group with 26 base letters of alphabet but here is what I mostly do - simply combine always W + X and Y + Z as "one letter" (or just leave X and Z out of the list completely - depends of course on the algorithm used to display the grouping) resulting thus in 24 "letters" instead allowing for more flexible groupings - up to 8 groups but indeed some could be left out so nornally you'd end up with 6 common to use:

    24 x 1
    12 x 2 (or could be expanded to / replaced by 13 x 2)
    8 x 3 - as example: A-C D-F G-I J-L M-O P-R S-U V-Z
    6 x 4
    5 x 5 * Extra grouping with only Y + Z merged
    4 x 6
    3 x 8
    2 x 12
    1 x 24

    Instead of the symetrical more advance grouping could be used as well based on frequency of each start letter but that would be to complex I guess to implement with little benefit here. Alternativelly - option to make your own Alphabetical grouping would be nice as well but I believe that even inclusion of two or three more alternatives to current 13 x 2 grouping would help greatly.

    Just an idea and in no way request neither anything vital

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    Grouping was mostly requested for Retro column where you may have 2048 roms and fine grouping like this works best (2 letters showing ~20-30 titles). I also decided to use this approach because I came up with very simple way to do the actual comparison between elements, using just one calculation:

    Groups 1..13 are A-B .. Y-Z:

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Quote Originally Posted by deank View Post
    I also decided to use this approach because I came up with very simple way to do the actual comparison between elements, using just one calculation:

    Groups 1..13 are A-B .. Y-Z:
    That is ingenious - I like your style Dean. As I've said - it was just an idea, nothing major really and indeed I'm aware it's mainly for the retro games but not everyone is hoarding all the games ever released - I myself might have just in range of tens of each format usually hence the grouping comment.

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    thanks Dean, for your great (and best) work on multiman system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by facelessscorn View Post
    Tried reverting to 2.00.04 when they were functional still but that didnt work either. Also tried switching out romsets in *.zip and *.gba formats in /hdd0/game/VBA90000/USRDIR/roms/ directory but it still didn't pick them up. Otherwise, FCEU, SNES, and GEN all work perfectly fine and are showing up in the retro column.

    anyone else having problems with the VBA part?
    Disregard previous posts, turns out I had over 2048 roms being scanned and after switching out my Genesis folder and rescanning, it finally picked up the VBA roms.

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    Awesome work as always DEAN.

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    You are a God.

    Thank you so much for multiman.

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    Gotta give me some credit too. You are the master behind the making of Multi-Man and I love it. Yet I have left comments suggesting the grouping idea, based on seeing that other guys wanna-be multi-man.

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    Yes, I've been waiting for a grouping feature. Another great update.

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    Dean live for his Backup manager! Great work.


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