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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    facelessscorn Guest

    after updating to 2.00.05 with the new retro grouping option, the retro column no longer picks up any of my VBA roms with *.gba extension.

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    young blade Guest
    For me ftp isnt working anymore, anyone else..??

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    iakler Guest
    GrandpaHomer - excuse me if I misunderstood your intention. Seeing how many members are requesting the same things over and over again makes me really mad. After looking at your other posts, you're not one of them, of course.

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    deank Guest
    You can now group content in Game, Favorites and Retro columns:

    Roms are grouped by emulator type. Games are grouped by genre.

    Links updated.

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    theone1982 Guest
    Ahh thats excellent... A start to grouping.. thx dean...

    In the future... Any chance to add tv? i use it a lot... and if it was there... hardly no need at all to use stock xmmb.


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    iakler Guest
    Wow, you're a coding machine, Dean! Thanks a lot for the implementation of genres!

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    deank Guest
    Adding as we speak:

    "All", "A-B", "C-D", "E-F", "G-H", "I-J", "K-L", "M-N", "O-P", "Q-R", "S-T", "U-V", "W-X", "Y-Z", "Other"

    additional grouping for most columns. So you can combine SNES roms with E-F, or Adventure genre games with M-N, etc... or just all Games A-B or all ROMs S-T...

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    devilbas33 Guest
    Can I update my ps3 to 3.65 and still use rogers game manager 8.1? sorry but I am new here and i really need to know that.

    And how do I connect my ps3 to my pc and put games on it?

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    flipside786 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by flipside786 View Post
    Hey Dean, I tried adding that to both options_default and options ini file and the movie is not showing up in Multiman. I added the following entries:

    Has anybody been able to have AVCHD movies show up in Multiman automatically from a usb source that is higher than 9 (ie. dev_usb071 and dev_usb072). I have tried renaming the folder with the AVCHD movie on the USB drive to "AVCHD" or "BLURAY" and added the following entries in options.ini and options_default.ini. But they are still not showing up. Entries I added below:


    When the folder is renamed to "AVCHD" it shows up in the PS3 XMB and can play but it still does not automatically show up in Multiman.

    Any thoughts?


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    daveshooter Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by devilbas33 View Post
    Can I update my ps3 to 3.65 and still use rogers game manager 8.1? sorry but I am new here and i really need to know that.
    No you can't sorry, I was wondering why you would be asking about it here on the MultiMan thread, does it not have its own thread somewhere, because if not then it's not worth anything, Sorry I have never heard of it myself, should I have?

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