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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    iakler - maybe the second part of my post could have indicated WHY I've posted it one more time. You don't really need to lecture me about what Dean (or anynone else) should or shouldn't do.

    The intention was actually to STOP further requests for this if Dean will clealry states he is not planning to include such feature (or at leas not in a near future)

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    sharks Guest
    I agree, it's simpler to have one package that contains everything, than having to download components of multiman separately, which can be annoying and confusing!

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    deank Guest
    Updated my previous post with small UPDATE/FIX link/info. Check it out.

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    iakler Guest
    Yeah... it's raining!

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    flipside786 Guest
    i have a couple of AVCHD movies on a separate usb hard drive connected to my ps3. Is there a way for Multiman to scan other usb drives for movies, in my case my external drives are name dev_usb071 and dev_usb072.


  6. #4056
    deank Guest
    Add them in the options file as hdd_home3 hdd_home4... like hdd_home=/dev_usb071/MYSTUFF

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    Kenzya Guest
    Do you have any plans to support any types of scripts? I mean like with XBMC's python interpreter. The first thing this MP3 upgrade news made me think of was how I had a script to start playing MP3's from a folder immediately on start up of XMBC. Such a simple script but it was able to add something tiny the initial developers didn't think to include. blah blah I'm rambling and sorry if this has been asked before.

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    deank Guest
    Post with links updated... Added 'grouping' for retro column with square button.

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    evertonsteve Guest
    hi mate, what do you mean by grouping?


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    flipside786 Guest

    AVCHD Movies on Other USB Drive

    Quote Originally Posted by deank View Post
    Add them in the options file as hdd_home3 hdd_home4... like hdd_home=/dev_usb071/MYSTUFF
    Hey Dean, I tried adding that to both options_default and options ini file and the movie is not showing up in Multiman. I added the following entries:


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