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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    sharp30 Guest

    DvD structure

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering if there is a way of creating a standard dvd video structure on MM similar to the BDMV but with standard formats like AVI and XVID and to have them displayed on MM the same as blu rays.

    As always thanks Dean for creating this brilliant piece of software.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bryceone View Post
    Newest versions of FCEU, Genesis Plus, and SNES9x with Multiman support are all working superb, however VBA is not. When I load a game, it launches MultiMan instead of running the game. Not sure if this is just with mine. Roms are ZIPPED, but they worked that way on the earlier version.

    Also, in the settings for Multiman, can I use multiple rom locations for VBA? I have my GB, GBC, and GBA in there own folders and would like to keep them that way.
    newest verion of VBA doesn't support zip format, squarepusher removed it, he does have plans on putting it back in eventually.

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    AdrianoMancha Guest
    Thanks GrandpaHomer, I will test this night at home.

    Another question, how can I do to return from an emulator to MM? is it possible? For instance, I am executing Snes9x and I want to go back to MM to select a Genesis game, today I need to back to PS3 XMB and I need to execute the MM again.

    Thanks a lot for your amazing job Dean.

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    Natepig Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deank View Post
    Oh... that's a different story. You can't bypass the drive totally (not that I know a way to). The BD-ROM drive board communicates with the ps3 mo-bo during authentication phase. Missing bd-rom board = fail.
    I guess that would be a problem for people who do not have the BD-ROM drive board, but I think that is quite uncommon with slim owners, even if they have got one that had a burnt out drive. The 160gb models have the drive board integrated onto the motherboard, as I found out when I attempted to swith drives from a 160gb to a 120gb.

    This is a BD-ROM drive time bomb ticking away with our precious cfw ps3's, loaded with your amazing multiman. I hope that you pull a rabbit out the hat with this one, as i'm sure all slim cfw ps3 owners would too.

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    Rand023 Guest
    AdrianoMancha in the snes emulator if you click in the right stick R3 then you can choose return to multiman towards the bottom of the list. Not sure with the other emulators tho.

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    severusx Guest
    Quick question about the EMUs. I have modified my XMB layout to group all of my homebrew apps under the PSN logo (renamed Applications), but for some reason editing the PARAM.SFO on the MultiMan versions of the emulators doesn't move them to the correct column. Any idea why?

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    etivacaznat Guest

    fceu-ps3 v1.4 (4424f) for multiman (Sound Problem - No audio output)

    Quote Originally Posted by deank View Post
    I have no problem with the sound with FCEU.
    I tried to re-install the latest multiman 2.004, still no audio, I'm using 3.55 Kmeaw , PS3 Slim 320 GB. I also try to run the roms internal & External and again when i re-installed old (fceu-ps3-v1.4-geohot-cfw3.55) the sounds are good.

    Maybe my problem was not in the multiman, it's the new FCEU.

    I appreciate any help, i try to search, but still can't find any solution. btw I know you were too busy, but if you can find time please pass it on to Squarepusher2.

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    wwywong Guest
    Hi Dean, thanks for your wonderful multiman! It is just crazy to see how many features can you keep adding to your tool! I have a question tho. I don't know if it is a question that's been asked by others, but I am wondering in the game option menu.

    1.) what are the meaning of ticking the following items:

    I know the following
    - EXTERNAL = USB games
    - BD Mirror = Select+X to play BSG
    - DIRECT BOOT = boot game without going to XMB
    - Ext. Game Data = install game data to external HDD (to save space in internal HDD)

    2.) Also the selecting of INTERNAL\EXTERNAL does that affect anything? (without selecting BD Mirror)

    3.) By default "GAME DISC" is unchecked. Does that mean by default we are not running on disc, but in \app_home\?

    4.) USB PATCH seems to be dim a lot of time. Is that working option, or not apply anymore

    5.) The Genre, is that a feature being working on? Or it is already complete feature? I try to select the Genre for some games, but nothing happen after that. How do I utilize that? Sorry I try to read all your history and post, but cannot find definite answer for the above.

    Thanks in advance and congrat on your ever populate multiman!

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    As far as I know (Dean my correct me if I've got any of below wrong):

    1+3) If game disc option is ticked and you'll try to run a game without game dich in the BD drive it will ask you to load a disc first.
    1+2)Internal - it will not let you run game from external (and vice versa indeed)
    4) Not sure, you can still select it though ...
    5) Dean is workin on the update to MM where you can group / select the games by the Genre, so far though you can only start to sort your collection

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    deank Guest

    MultiMAN PS3 v2.00.04 is Now Updated, Source Code Available

    Today multiMAN has been updated to version 2.00.04 (20110611_143000) and is released alongside source code with the changes and PS3 downloads below, as follows:

    Download: multiMAN version 2.00.04 UPDATE (20110611_143000)

    multiMAN version 2.00.04 UPDATE (20110611_143000) Changelog:
    • Changed: Coverflow mode completely rewritten to use XMMB engine
    • Changed: Coverflow shows covers in perspective
    • Changed: Better memory management
    • Changed: XMMB display mode visualization
    • Added: Support for FBA Next emulator (port by squarepusher2)
    • Added: Option in XMMB Settings column "XMMB Game Icon Swap" to select mode for covers/icons for Game column
    • Fixed: PPU crashreport about multistream on exit (thanks to anonymous)
    • Added: Launch .zip ROMs from File Manager (from emulator folders or dev_hdd0 or dev_usb00* ./ROMS/[emulator])
    • Added: Preconfigured FBANext xml for all multiMAN compatible rom paths
    • New: multiMAN source publicly available here:

    multiMAN EMULATOR PACK (SNES GENP VBA FBA FCEU) (20110611) (27.83 MB)

    Pack contains all 5 emulators ported by squarepusher2, compiled by me, tested and working:
    • 20110602-161300-SNES9X [SNES90000] [multiMAN]
    • 20110602-161200-GENESIS-PLUS [GENP00001] [multiMAN]
    • 20110602-161700-FCEU [FCEU90000] [multiMAN]
    • 20110603-233800-VBA [VBAM90000] [multiMAN]
    • 20110611-150000-FBA [FBAN00000] [multiMAN]


    [imglink=|MultiMAN PS3 v2.00.04 is Now Updated, Source Code Available][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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