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    I don't think it's much up to MM itself at it simply uses PS3's built-in function in cooperation with JB dongle payload or cfw to perform a simple redirect only so unless somebody will provide a new option in payload / cfw or patch the games itself I doubt there is much that could be affected by Dean directly.

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    I thought perhaps something along the lines of bdemu.

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    Here is how it is:

    /app_home is not an actual folder, but a virtual space for game developers to perform various tests during game development process. Using /app_home as game root folder is supported in some games, because developers simply didn't remove it when game was created/completed and sent to Sony for mastering. /app_home is used on test/debug units because there is no actual bd-rom disc of the game being developed.

    Some games obtain their working directory by using specific functions and these do not support /app_home. So a game either works or not - there is nothing to improve there.
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    Ok thanks for the clarification, do you think that a cfw with 100% discless support is possible?

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    Well, if you patch vsh's /app_home entry with new text ("/dev_bdvd") you may get 100% discless support.

    I got an idea... let me test with a game which doesn't work from app_home and I'll get back to you.
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    100% discless ey that would be awesome!!!

    please let me also in on any progress... great work as always dean..

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    I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but its hard not to with your track record on getting stuff done :-)

    The weak link with the fat ps3's was always ylod from overheating, it seems that with the slims the weak link is the blu-ray drive. 100% discless support would be invaluable to so many now but mainly for the future when all these cfw ps3's drives kick the bucket.

    I have 2 ps3's both of which are kmeaw 3.55. One is totally ok but the other has no drive, if you pull this one off I would remove the functioning ones blu-ray drive to allow better cooling.

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    Thanks man, you're such a legend!

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    Hey deank, a great job as always. One question though, I noticed that when launching Genesis roms from MM Custom Soundtracks stop working. They do fine if I launch the emulator from the XMB though.

    Is this intentional, or perhaps a bug / limitation in launching the .elf.

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    Nice job Bro... i have a eye on you...


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