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  1. #3981
    Jonesy47 Guest
    Does anyone know if i need a bios file for famicom disk system games to work or will they work automatically in multiman through fceu without another needed file?

  2. #3982
    the4time2doctor Guest
    no, you're good.

  3. #3983
    Hipmans Guest


    Would it be possible to implement a PSX emulator like PS3SX in MM?

  4. #3984
    the4time2doctor Guest
    would it be possible for multiman to run a small macro program with the help of a dongle to accomplish the button pushes needed to launch the game with disk once a game is selected and the user is taken back to the PS3 XMB?

  5. #3985
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Not really I'm afraid - once MM hands over the control to GameOS it can't do anything as it doesn't run anymore ...

  6. #3986
    deank Guest

    Thumbs Up MultiMAN PS3 v2.00.04 is Out - VBA PS3 Emulator, Fixes & More!

    You can now update to multiMAN 02.00.04, which includes VBA PS3 retro emulator support, several bug fixes and more changes detailed below!

    Changelog since 02.00.03:
    • Added: Threaded processing for various tasks (downloading covers, scanning, etc) (no more GUI interruptions)
    • Added: XMMB mode will invoke download of missing covers, too
    • Added: Support for Genesis+ GX retro emulator (port by squarepusher2)
    • Added: Support for FCEUltra (NES/ULTRA) PS3 retro emulator (port by squarepusher2)
    • Added: Support for VBA PS3 retro emulator (GameBoy/GameBoy Advanced)
    • Added: Support for PNG covers for Retro column (408x408 max resolution) (408x180 for best results)
    • Added: L2+R2 will turn on screensaver mode (or put the PAD on a table/coach/sofa and press it down gently)
    • Added: Caching of the whole XMMB mode
    • Improved: XMMB Photo column display and navigation (no more image buffers release when full - a lot seamless now)
    • Improved: Navigation in XMMB is completely rewritten - now smooth and faster than original PS3 XMB
    • Improved: Increased image buffers (50 icons/covers) in XMMB (30 in prev versions)
    • Added: Unfolding effect up/down while loading XMMB columns
    • Added: Indication in XMMB mode when FTP service is used or background download is active
    • Added: Warning prompt when user leaves multiMAN with active FTP connections
    • Added: Screensaver Timeout option in XMMB Settings column (1-10 mins)
    • Added: Link to GBATemp website with Online User Manual by Cyan in XMMB WEB column
    • Added: FF/REW for Picture Viewer in XMMB mode (holding left/right or L1/R1)
    • Added: Support for 2048 entries per XMMB column
    • Added: Virtual memory used for certain tasks (like mp3 playback) to save real memory
    • Added: Asynchronous loading of MP3 files for playback
    • Added: A bit more memory allocated to web browser and release memory after browser closes
    • Added: MP3 playlist support for 1024 entries (was 128)

    (Fixed the issue with web browser memory and Inactivity Timeout option. Now even after browser is used, multiMAN can operate normally.)

    UPDATE ONLY: multiMAN ver 2.00.04 UPDATE WITH SNES GENESIS FCEU VBA (20110606_124500) (38.47 MB) --> http://www.multiupload.com/VTIXJNCCHX

    BASE: multiMAN ver 2.00.04 BASE (20110606_124500) (60.64 MB) --> http://www.multiupload.com/2MDM1OE10I

    FULL: multiMAN ver 2.00.04 FULL (20110606_124500) (153.5 MB) (+2291 covers) --> http://www.multiupload.com/7DHSZ96ZQW

    All packages include SNES, GENESIS, FCEU and VBA emulators in separate installable packages (not signed)

    BASE/FULL include also lastGAME, bdRESET, showTIME, ps3SERV, ebootFIX/MOD.

    multiMAN Source Code is also now available: http://code.google.com/p/multiman/

    options/options_default.ini (full file):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  7. #3987
    etivacaznat Guest
    Help, i got problem with the new FCEU 1.4 for multiman, it has no audio output. I tried to re-installed the old FCEU 1.4 it fixed the problem. I liked the new option "return to multiman" for the new FCEU 1.4, but how can I fixed it?

    I also tried exchanging the eboot still problem exist.

  8. #3988
    deank Guest
    I have no problem with the sound with FCEU.

  9. #3989
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Thanks Dean for new version - I become an addict - need my fresh MM fix every couple of days

  10. #3990
    Natepig Guest
    Great continuing work with multiman!!! I was wondering if you have any thoughts on discless support? Do you put any time into improving it or do you think 100% discless support will ever happen?

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