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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Connect up via FTP and "download" your /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/options.ini (and options_default.ini) file(s) and check the games locations are set correctly.
    i.e. the sections that start...
    # Backup games to these folders:
    # Main search folders:
    # Secondary search folders:

    FYI mine are set as follows:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    I think they are the defaults - don't thnk i ever changed mine - maybe you did though?

    I put my games in the /dev_hdd0/GAMES/ folder as that's outside of any manager path and should (fingers crossed) prevent uninstall issues!
    - Chances are your games were previously in the \USRDIR\ of the application folder (e.g. LAUN12345\USRDIR\Games\.... ) and this is why they were uninstalled ?

    But take my word on this with a little pinch of salt - i'm not the expert on MM/backup managers in general - don't use them too much

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    nellj Guest
    My options.ini and options_default.ini is fine. MM has been working great for me until the update. I actually had a different backup manager when i was still using a dongle and on 3.41FW a few months ago. I think it was Open Backup manager that i was using at the time that i deleted and it took my games along with it.

    Any who, I'll probably move the GAMES folder into another folder allowing it to become a sub folder and editing the ini's accordingly.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Ok no worries - just worth checking (especially after an update)

    Good luck sorting it anyway.

    Someone who knows more about MM (maybe even the great man himself) may have a better idea.

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    nellj Guest
    Got it working again. I just uninstalled then reinstalled Multiman and everything is back to normal.

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    deank Guest

    MultiMAN PS3 v2.00.03 Updated with FCEU (NES/Ultra) Emulator

    Today multiMAN version 2.00.03 has been updated to include the latest SNES, Genesis and now FCEU (NES/Ultra) video game emulators courtesy of squarepusher2.

    Download: multiMAN ver 2.00.03 UPDATE WITH SNES GENESIS FCEU (20110602_163000) (26MB)

    Contents: Latest from squarepusher2 repo, compiled by me:
    • 20110602-161300-SNES9X [SNES90000] [multiMAN].pkg
    • 20110602-161200-GENESIS-PLUS [GENP00001] [multiMAN].pkg
    • 20110602-161700-FCEU [FCEU90000] [multiMAN].pkg

    * multiMAN ver 2.00.03 UPDATE (20110602_163000)

    If you're on any previous version - I suggest that you update to the latest multiMAN.
    • Added: Threaded processing in background for downloading covers (no more GUI interruptions)
    • Added: XMMB mode will invoke download of missing covers, too
    • Added: Caching of Retro column
    • Changed: Non-blockable scanning in XMMB when device is connected/disconnected
    • Added: Support for Genesis+ GX retro emulator (port by squarepusher2)
    • Added: Support for FCEUltra (NES/ULTRA) PS3 retro emulator (port by squarepusher2)
    • Added: Support for VBA PS3 retro emulator (GameBoy/GameBoy Advanced)
    • Improved: XMMB Photo column display and navigation (no more image buffers release when full - a lot seamless now)
    • Added: Support for PNG covers for Retro column (408x408 max resolution) (408x180 for best results)
    • Fixed: Some issues in XMMB mode - all working much more stable now

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  6. #3956
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Thanks Dean - constant progess - you're unstopable ...

  7. #3957
    Armen1er Guest


    I don't get it dean, we can only use one of the emulators at a time because you have 3 different packages each with a different emulator.. i'm just curious why is that?

  8. #3958
    Zackandjon Guest
    Love it, encore! Alright I am amazed at the turnout of this program and the collaboration. Well I have a few questions and maybe a suggestions.

    When I set the multiman mega package theme to something else (other then the original which I have used the whole time) It is suppose to change the complete look of multiman right? I see pictures of your XMMB all the time and they change, but mine does not is that because I need to download it?

    Because I have the mega package and some came with it and my XMMB stays the same all the time (I keep it locked on that because my son plays with MM as well). I change the theme, even reset it but the XMMB stays the same, other screens change and that is where I little glitch happens. As I change from one theme to another some of the screens don't change, so I will have metroid music and a zelda background.

    I installed the snes emulator, then the sega emulator, and I can only see the snes games no sega games and I am just about to install the nes pkg to see if that works.

    My suggestions was that when highlighting the retro game add a button for a gui of adding / selecting which codes you want before you start the game. Or even in this for instance menu the ability to change the title or download the cover from a database.

    I have to use the computer to DL anything because wired/wireless on MM it crashes and doesn't work causing me to Hard Reset the PS3.

  9. #3959
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Armen1er View Post
    I don't get it dean, we can only use one of the emulators at a time because you have 3 different packages each with a different emulator.. i'm just curious why is that?
    You've got it wrong - there are FOUR packages - one for multiMAN itself and 3 for retro emus - 1 one for each. Simply install all 4 of them and then you can run each emu or retro game directly from MM or each emu individually from XMB

  10. #3960
    Armen1er Guest
    I was thinking that for a sec wasn't sure, i got it now thx for the quick response grandpahomer and MM is the greatest hands down. cheers

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