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  1. #3941
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Another day - another great update Dean! I just love the smell of new fresh multiMAN at the morning

    Now the only retro I miss is the ZX Spectrum - I've gave the author of the PS3 port announced here a couple of weeks back (http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...t-is-released/) a little nudge to contact you if he's interrested in having that incorporated in the MM so hopefully he'll come back to you (or me) soon ...

    And if you'll add the cheat option as well (also posted in news here) than you'll be my top hero and I'll be a happy bunny :-)

    Thanks Dean for all the hard work - you're a STAR!

  2. #3942
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Is there a VBA emulator for MultiMAN?

  3. #3943
    Undertaker1986 Guest

    Slow super nintendo emulator

    Is there a possibility to speed up the response time between the push of the button, and the actual action on screen, it takes several ms between the push and the action, somebody any idea have the newest multiman with the super nintendo emulator (sorry for the bad english i am dutch )

  4. #3944
    theone1982 Guest
    Thx buddie for yet more superb updates. Can't wait till can specify what directories to read pictures/videos/music from.

    A suggestions if i may, Would be another step to awsomeness if a service like spotify can run from multiman.. Maybe via jamcast

    Thx again for the updates.

  5. #3945
    HieiYYH Guest
    when changing BD-Emulator options, usually I have to restart the whole system to changes take effect.

    example: If i have set the option to STANDARD by default then I set to hermes to play split games, so I restart (via restart option), then when I try to launch the big game it gives the error about changing to Hermes even if it's already. The same happens for the inverse, setting to standard and then trying to play a split game it runs normally... it should give the hermes error.

    tested on 2.00.03

  6. #3946
    nellj Guest
    I love this program and have been steadily using it for a while. i ran into a issue yesterday however. After updating to v2.00.03, the games I have installed to dev_hdd0/GAMES is missing from the list. The only thing that is showing is the Blu-ray disc game (Madden) I have in the Blu-ray drive.

    I am able to use the file manager to launch the games successfully, but Multiman does not show them listed as they were before the update. I have checked and confirmed the paths are correct in the options.ini and options_default.ini as well.

    Can someone shed some light on this issue for me? I have already tried numerous times to refresh the list by using select + L3 to no avail. My games have not moved and still reside in the GAMES folder and all are properly named etc.

  7. #3947
    GrandpaHomer Guest


    Have you tried to use the Refresh option on the top of the Game column in the XMMB mode / theme as well?

  8. #3948
    nellj Guest
    Yep, still nothing.

  9. #3949
    PSPSwampy Guest
    Try turning PS3 off (Power down to RED led), then back on again, then boot MultiMAN and use the refresh option at the top again.

    In my experience with MM a power cycle seems to cure most ills.
    (For me at least - PHAT original 60gb PS3)

  10. #3950
    nellj Guest
    Tried that as well to no avail. It's really weird. I'm afraid to uninstall MM as the last backup manager I uninstalled actually erased all my games. I really appreciate the help on this

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