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    deank Guest
    Use the "Refresh" button in the top of the Game column (or press SELECT+L3).

  2. #3932
    barrybarryk Guest
    Awesome loving the updates though my retro column is now pretty crowded, and I only have about 50 SNES and 30 Genesis roms, god help folks that installed full romsets lol

  3. #3933
    severusx Guest
    Yeah I was wondering about that, I have the full sets for both SNES and Genesis. I haven't loaded them all yet for that reason.

    Dean, is there anyway that we could add folders or sorting to the Retro column for organization? Like a Retro Favorites maybe?

  4. #3934
    barrybarryk Guest
    I think a column per system would be an awesome alternative with the column itself only appearing if you have a rom for that system and a central favourites list for all emulated games, if its possible.

  5. #3935
    deank Guest
    I'm still working on grouping/albums/folders for all columns in XMMB.

  6. #3936
    Jonesy47 Guest
    WOOT!!! GO DEAN, GO!!

    This is great! I love this backup manager!!!

  7. #3937
    deank Guest
    Another day, support for another emulator added (FCEU PS3 port by squarepusher2).

    Here is the latest update pack:

    multiMAN ver 2.00.03 UPDATE WITH SNES GENESIS FCEU (20110531_233000) (26MB) ---> http://www.multiupload.com/TFJAMEFM2U
    • SNES90000 (20110531_105800) multiMAN.pkg
    • GENESIS PLUS GX (20110531_232400) multiMAN.pkg
    • FCEU GX (20110531_232600) multiMAN.pkg
    • multiMAN ver 2.00.03 UPDATE (20110531_233000).pkg

    SNES9x, GENESIS+ GX and FCEU are compiled directly from squarepusher2's repository after he gave me a go. GEN+ and FCEU got all the latest updates and in-game menu from just an hour ago.

    In multiMAN:
    • Added support for FCEU emulator (NES/ULTRA)
    • Added support for VBA emulator (GameBoy/GameBoy Advanced)
    • Added support for PNG covers for all emulators (320x180 PNG)
    • Improved XMMB Photo column display and navigation (no more image buffers release when full - a lot seamless now)

    Currently only one emulator left to be added (FBANext) but that will be soon.

    New icon for FCEU emulator by squarepusher2:

    Changes in options/options_default.ini:

    [Register or Login to view code]


  8. #3938
    PSPSwampy Guest
    Another day another superb update - i'm not complaining, but don't you have anything better to do with your time? (i.e. earn $$$ !?) lol

    The update problem i had from 2.00.00 to 2.00.01 has re-occurred. Here is the problem, AND a workaround/solution which will hopefully point you in the right direction if a fix can be made:-

    1. Using XMMB - Check for updates.
    2. Update found - prompts with the details and asks would i like to download.
    3. Say YES to download now (Why on earth wouldn't I!)
    4. "Old" low res downloader starts, then flips over to the progress bar version
    5. Download completes, asks me if i want to exit to XMB to install (I say YES - of course!)
    6. Go to *Install Packages and nothing is listed (Well correction - the packages on my USB are listed)
    7. Retry 1-6 as many times as i like and no joy.
    (Also does this if using the "Update" option at the top of the Filemanager screen

    Ok, so to the "solution" (perhaps "work-around" is better!)
    1. Do the above once
    2. If package isn't listed via *Install packages shut down PS3
    3. Start up PS3 again
    4. Go to *Install Packages and hey presto the update appears (Note: More than one copy shows up if i've downloaded it a number of times!!)

    Anyway hopefully this above may help either Deank find a solution (looks like the package list is cached by the PS3 somehow?) or alternatively help anyone else experiencing this problem resolve it without the need of a PC

    Oh and here are a couple of feature requests:-
    1. I'd love it if you could include an option within MultiMAN to download the additional multiman compatible apps (e.g. Download latest Showtime/SNES/GEN/Next new feature etc)
    2. In the retro column, could you have Items for SNES / GENESIS etc, that then expand down with the list of Roms (AS well as the ability to then order/group the roms) I feel this would be more pleasing to use than to have multiple columns (for each emulator) while still bringing managablility to your rom set.
    3. It would be even better if multiman could update without the need to return to XMB and manually apply the update package. (e.g. Could you simply download the changed files into the USRDIR folder directly and kick off restart of multiman? (would save a few clicks - or in my case a PS3 restart + few clicks)

    Finally - just want to repeat myself - GREAT job dude, loving your dedication to this! (Can't believe how it's changed since the first version!)


  9. #3939
    Jonesy47 Guest


    I was wondering why there is no .zip support for the NES games.

    Is there a reason or was it just not implemented on accident?

  10. #3940
    Art2Fly Guest


    Can you PLEASE, PLEASE add a tick sound in the XMMB when you scroll like the original xmb? ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY!


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