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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    evertonsteve Guest
    i updated through multiman i didn't install any of the 2.00.02 versions that included snes9x, not sure if it makes any difference.

    is there a auto download covers option for snes roms or you have to put them in yourself? thanks

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    You need to install the specific snes customized for MM - it's a few posts back in this thread - at the last announcment from Dean. As far as I know snes covers are not downloaded at the moment.

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    deadpixel99 Guest
    Hey before i updated multiman was working great i upgraded to this version and now it wont show my usb drive games and keeps refreshing over and over and over again, how do i fix this?

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    deank Guest

    MultiMAN PS3 v2.00.03 Updated with Genesis+ GX Retro Emulator

    Here is an updated multiMAN PS3 pack from this morning with freshly compiled latest builds of Genesis+ and SNES by squarepusher2:

    Download: multiMAN ver 2.00.03 UPDATE WITH SNES AND GENESIS (20110531_223000).rar (21.84 MB)

    Pack contains:
    • GENESIS_(20110531_110900)_multiMAN.pkg
    • SNES90000_(20110531_105800)_multiMAN.pkg
    • multiMAN ver 2.00.03 UPDATE (20110531_154000)
    • Added: Threaded processing in background for downloading covers (no more GUI interruptions)
    • Added: XMMB mode will invoke download of missing covers, too
    • Added: Caching of Retro column
    • Changed: Non-blockable scanning in XMMB when device is connected/disconnected
    • Added: Support for Genesis+ GX retro emulator (by squarepusher2)
    • Added: Support for PNG covers for Retro column (320x180 max resolution)
    • Added: Support for md/MD and zip/ZIP for Genesis+ ROMs
    • Fixed: wrong options/options_default.ini lines for genp_self / genp_roms

    Condorstike is preparing a pack of 3D covers in PNG format for the Retro column, so I added support for PNG images (320x180 max).

    options/options_default.ini changes:
    # =============================================================================
    # Retro EMULATORS
    # =============================================================================
    # SNES9x for PS3
    # multiMAN will scan /dev_usb00*/ROMS/snes for game roms, too
    # ROM extensions: SMC/smc, FIG/fig, SFC/sfc, GD3/gd3, GD7/gd7, DX2/dx2, BSX/bsx, SWC/swc, JMA/jma, ZIP/zip
    # =============================================================================
    # GenesisPlus GX for PS3
    # multiMAN will scan /dev_usb00*/ROMS/gen for game roms, too
    # ROM extensions: BIN/bin, SMD/smd, GEN/gen, SMS/sms, md/MD, zip/ZIP
    # =============================================================================
    # FCEU for PS3
    # multiMAN will scan /dev_usb00*/ROMS/fceu for game roms, too
    # ROM extensions: UNIF/unif, NES/nes, FDS/fds
    [imglink=|MultiMAN PS3 v2.00.03 Updated with Genesis+ GX Retro Emulator][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Great progress Dean - thank you and as always - we apreciate all your hard work invested in this superb project.

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    sharp30 Guest
    Wow thank you, like GrandpaHomer says great project and i'm sure i can speak for everyone here. thank you for all the time you have invested in this.

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    AdrianoMancha Guest
    Great work Dean, I am waiting for covers 3D, this will be very nice.

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    ModderFokker Guest
    You simply can't stop amazing me everytime... lol

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    datniccaillah Guest
    Don't mean to bother anyone, but can someone please sign the snes and gen emulators for the wt/geo cfw please?

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    Zackandjon Guest
    Howdy, nice updates as always but, I updated my multiman yesterday and Half of my games disappeared... I was able to start the missing ones through the file manager section, so its just a small problem for me (just scared the crap out of me at first).

    Anywho It is great that you guys are teamin' up and making the ultimate program, props to all involve and keep up the great work. Oh yeah I am on 3.55 kmew if ya wanted to know. ty again.

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