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  1. #381
    condorstrike Guest
    thanks dean, woke up to another update... love the slide menu. also did you slow down icon animation?

    as always great job... thanks.

  2. #382
    deank Guest
    Yes, it is flashing a bit LESS disturbing now I think it is better this way.

    Next thing to try is to play PS2 backups from usb/internal hdd...

    I'll need someone who has original PS2 game disc to insert into the PS3 and to use a jailbreak which supports syscall35...

    Anyone wishes to test this?

  3. #383
    condorstrike Guest
    sorry... i don't have any ps2 games, but will ask my cousin if he has any left and will let you know.

    also funny thing Dean... in my PS3 all animations on or off, make no difference in performance, nice programing dude, you must be cleaning your code with every release...

  4. #384
    adr990 Guest
    I have one PS2 game, I am able to test it. (Crash Nitro Kart PAL)

    Just testing with .04?

    I have a PS3KEY fw v4 and Golden USB AVR Dev Board (USB192) with hermes v4 atm.

  5. #385
    deank Guest
    Can you check couple of things for me?

    1) Insert the original PS2 game
    2) Start multiMAN
    3) Go to [FILE MANAGER]
    4) Check if you see /dev_ps2disc or /dev_ps2disc1 mount points

    If you see any of these two, please check what's inside.

    Also you'll have to copy a PS2 game (another one, not the same you insert) to your usb/internal hdd with the version I'll post if you pass 4).

    Does your board support syscall35?

  6. #386
    adr990 Guest
    I don't know if my board supports it. All I know is this:

    PS3KEY fw v4 and Golden USB AVR Dev Board (USB192) with hermes v4.
    I could install some other Payload on the Golden USB dev board though..

    Oh, and I yet have to get MultiMan 04 to load. (It doesn't load here yet, maybe because I edited something that I shouldn't.)

  7. #387
    FMAranda Guest
    Thanks for the update. It was my first update directly from the manager, you developed a great and powerful manager.

  8. #388
    deank Guest
    If someone can test what I posted above (about PS2 games), please download and use the attached TEST VERSION.

    1) Insert the original PS2 game
    2) Start multiMAN
    3) Go to [FILE MANAGER]
    4) Check if you see /dev_ps2disc or /dev_ps2disc1 mount points
    It will recognize PS2 games in your backup folders (USB or internal HDD) and will display them in the list with [PS2] prefix and PS2 icon.


  9. #389
    adr990 Guest
    I think I've found the problem with my start up problem. I will test this, and if it works I will test the test version directly.

    Looks promising, I would really like to see PS2 backups too.

    It works now! great.

    Luckly I don't have to edit the Eboot.bin so much anymore, but just can use the INI now.
    I will stick with this loader for a long long time. haha

    I'm off to test the PS2 stuff.

  10. #390
    labonte Guest
    Dean Sorry To Be Off Topic But I See In The .Jpg Above That You Have Assassin's Creed If You Got It To Work please Tell Me Your Trick Thanks And Great Work.

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