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    barrybarryk Guest
    How about putting them there? I'd leave them unzipped though I don't know if MM has zip support yet besides it's not like they take up too much room. What extension do they have? All mine are .smc and are detected properly in the default folder quoted above.

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    Jonesy47 Guest
    I don't put them their because I want as little as possible on my internal hard drive as possible. I have a 750 gb hard drive in my ps3 and its almost full with installs and the like whereas, on the otherhand, I have my 2 tb external drive with plenty of room. Also, with your roms placed in the actual snes9x install folder, if you ever update and arent careful, youll erase all your roms.

    Also, my roms are mostly zipped but i unzipped a few (all with the .smc file extension) and still, no snes games detected in multiman.

    I edited the options-default.ini many times in the past and am just confused as to why this won't work.

    Also, does snes9x show up in your games list in multiMAN? It doesn't on mine. I've tried re-installing the included test snes9x a few times and no results. It shows up on the actual XMB but not in multiMAN. I also made sure that RELOAD.SELF was at /dev_hdd0/game/SNES90000/USRDIR/ and it still wont show up in my games list.

  3. #3883
    the4time2doctor Guest
    if you want snes in your games list, go to settings settings, make sure scan for homebrew is activated. not sure about the roms if theyre in the right format; maybe try to refresh roms list.

  4. #3884
    barrybarryk Guest
    yes but if you cant get them to display in the default folder you're not going to have any luck anywhere else. its just to see if its picking them up at all, you can move them after once you've narrowed down the problem.

    you need to go across to the retro list category in 'XMMB'. SNES9X wont show up anywhere inside multiman, it'll just say retro with your snes roms under that heading.

  5. #3885
    Jonesy47 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by the4time2doctor View Post
    if you want snes in your games list, go to settings settings, make sure scan for homebrew is activated. not sure about the roms if theyre in the right format; maybe try to refresh roms list.
    Well, i didn't have homebrew activated sooooo, i went and fixed that BUT... still no snes9x in the games list. Also, refreshing the roms list doesnt work and I've tried this with .zip files and .smc files. None show up.

    Ok, for some reason, after a restart, snes9x didnt show up but after a refresh, it did. SOOOOO, i have snes9x in my games list now. OK. THATS BETTER.

    Still, no roms showing up though... time to jack with more stuff in the options-default.ini

  6. #3886
    keeshanjohay Guest
    Dean will it be also any way that mednafen be added to since it got a ton of emulators in one? Just a question since it got quite a variety of emu's in one!

    And a question how to i add a picture to my games. Just add them to the cover file with the exact name a the rom?

  7. #3887
    deank Guest
    Just be a bit patient... These updates were test versions and things will be different in 02.00.03.

    Currently your ROMS must be either in the path defined in the .ini (FULL PATH) or under /dev_usb***/ROMS

    That will change. Also .zip roms are supported in the latest multiMAN ver 2.00.02 UPDATE (20110527_112000) update (it is in the post few pages back).

    Guys, be patient.

    These latest updates were for testing purposes.

    In 02.00.03 there will be some changes, so just wait.

    Scanning for roms (+covers):


    + the same for /dev_hdd0/ROMS/****


    Covers distributed with multiMAN will go in ./USRDIR/covers_retro/snes fceu ... etc.

    Wait until the official 02.00.03 is released (and for other emulators to be added) and then we'll discuss it.

    In the mean time: covers must be in JPG format (.jpg/.JPG) with resolution up to 3264x3264 where width a must divide by 2 (641x*** is not working - 640x*** is working).

  8. #3888
    tmaster Guest
    I used this and it worked.


    also the retro game list keep refreshing every time i start multiman which can take up to an hour with a full romset.

  9. #3889
    deank Guest
    This was already fixed.

  10. #3890
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Hi Dean - are you looking into including the ZX Spectrum emulator as well?

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