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    changlo Guest
    Thank you again Dean for the most excellent update!!!

    YOU DID IT!!! Now when I launch showtime from within MultiMAN it can see my UPNP media servers and I can play mkv movies!!!

    Thank you, you are now a jedi knight!

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    deank Guest
    I prepared a pack of 20 themes (1+19) for multiMAN 2.0. These are the same as those available via "Download Themes" in WEB XMMB column.

    Screen-shots. --> http://www.multiupload.com/EPVGKYQJOW

    Link to RAR archive of themes (in standard folder+files format) (300MB) --> http://www.multiupload.com/UOIXESI9KF

    Aero 2.0
    Jero Dark Blue
    Mac OS X Delicious V2.1
    MM-the line 2
    MMXI_The Media Cabinet
    Project Multi Mayhem 3
    The Rebirth 2.0

    All these themes are verified and changed/repacked by me to make sure all required files are present and no unnecessary files are put.

    N.B. There are themes like those from hcode123 "Naruto Shippuden" which contain a lot of windows .EXE files, ini files, shortcuts and tons of garbage. Such themes will never will be added to the official download server. Also themes which pretend to be 'themes' by changing 2 background images will also never be added to the official server.

    Other "theme designers" put COLOR.BIN, options_default.ini, options.ini, LEGEND0/1/3/4/5?!?!.PNG files in... I'd ask these folks again: USE THE "ORIGINAL THEME" as reference.

    If anyone is having issues with 02.00.02, like not restoring PS3_GAME back to its location or GAMEI folder appearing on external HDD, please install this update.

    Also available for online update for those not yet updated to 02.00.02.

    Personally I don't have any of these issues, but just to be safe...

    Tested again just to make sure all is okay:

    * Assassin's Creed I - BD Mirror option enabled - game is moved to usb root, game plays, upon multiMAN launch it is back in its place

    I suspect some users have no idea what they're doing and enable these two options:

    * BD Mirror
    * Ext Game Data

    which causes them troubles. You DO NOT NEED "Ext Game Data" option for sel+x/bd-mirror games. Leave it alone! It may work for some games but I recommend that you do not enable it.

    Also in this update - games with split files cached work right after the caching. No need to restart multiMAN and no black-screens and stuff.

    * Fixed: Launching games with cached files right after they're cached
    * Fixed: GAMEI folder won't appear on USB unless "Ext Game Data" option is used
    * Fixed: Double entries in VIDEO column when thumbnail is named for example video.avi.jpg and not video.jpg
    * Improved: Scrolling left/right in XMMB mode (faster and won't load columns)
    * Improved: Scrolling up/down. Scroll will pause for ~1 second before looping.
    * Added: Option "Hide BD-ROM disc from game list" in XMMB Settings
    * Added: L2/R2 switch pages in 4x2 and 8x4 game list modes
    * Added: "Save Screenshot" option in PS3 XMB Photo column to capture multiMAN screens in PNG (multiMAN Screenshots album) (10x to squarepusher2 for the hint)
    * Improved: multiMAN will return from emulators and showtime much faster (~1-2 seconds boot screen)
    * Improved: Last XMMB column and selection/entry restored upon restart/respawn
    * Improved: JPG and PNG loading and decoding is performed faster (via SPU with fallback to PPU when header-decoding fails)
    * Added: "Retro" column for emulators (WIP)
    * Added: "Genre" option in "Game Settings" submenu to select categories for albums/grouping

    Link: http://www.multiupload.com/9K1C11MSFC

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Nice Dean - thanks for the implementing of the "cosmetic" changes to XMMB - I know it's not vital neither it really impacts the functionality but looks much better now. And indeed - I DID wonder where that GAMEI folder came from - now I know

  4. #3864
    System Repairs Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by vnguyen972 View Post
    So in XMB mode, I click X to select a game with 4K split files in it... Multiman says i need to install it onto HDD and so I did... it went about 50% then it just quits to the PS3 XMB, and show "Corrupted Data" on the disc icon...

    I tried to do it again in Multiman but it won't install again, it just takes me straight back to Ps3 XMB... so I thought maybe I don't know how it works, and I went back and tried the regular copy from USB to HDD... how do I clean out the corrupted data? what do you think the problem was? Multiman detected it a split file game but it never complete its job... any idea?

    PS: I have the latest Multiman 2.0.1
    Check in the XMB under game and delete anything in the folder ps3 game data and save data for that title.

  5. #3865
    vnguyen972 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by System Repairs View Post
    Check in the XMB under game and delete anything in the folder ps3 game data and save data for that title.
    Thanks. Yeah, I looked there but there wasn't anything there for the game yet... It broke while multiman was trying to install...
    but then today Dean said to upgrade to 2.0.2 and the problem went away! I was able to do it without any problem!


  6. #3866
    deank Guest
    Check this out:

    * Added: "Genre" option in "Game Settings" submenu to select categories for albums/grouping

  7. #3867
    nukester Guest
    i can't seem to get any split game to work other than red dead redemption (not the undead version). i have followed the instruction and don't seem to ge anywhere. i must be doing it right for red dead redemption to work.

  8. #3868
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Nice addition Dean - looking forward to it.

  9. #3869
    lshenliang Guest


    Why now never posted new MULTI MANAGER.PKG on the front page ?

  10. #3870
    HieiYYH Guest
    where those "cached" files from split games are stored? it's automatically deleted when choosing a new game or do i have to manually delete?

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