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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    Jeanclaude79 Guest
    hi guys... i'm getting crazy trying to start split games from external HD. I have done everything in my power... That's the story:
    I'm on 3.55 kmeaw... installed multiman 2.00.01 with BDEMU2 included (it doesn't let me install the BDEMU 3.55 separately... don't know why?)

    changed BD EMULATOR on Hermes... VERIFY USB GAMES on Auto... changed the games folder in GAMES... put the underscore before the game name.. after all... this is the message appearing when I try lo launch split games: You cannot launch games with split big files!

    Transfer the game to internal HDD and try again or use [Hermes] option for BD-Emulator type in SETTINGS XMMB column.

    please MASTER Dean help me out... to avoid my brain to get smashed!

    thank you...

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    HieiYYH Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    "X" is usually used for accept in games and in the XMB (Except for some Japanese consoles/Games) so it would be logical to keep it the same way on MultiMAN.
    except most japanese games you mean right (like all of them lol)? on ps3 some (minority like 1%) japanese games reads your "accept" button, but not most of it...

    anyway, I've tried the multiman version 02.00.01 and copied FFXIII to my External HDD, it got splited and then I did set the BD Emulator to "Hermes" (after I installed the new bdemu file provided here on this topic) restarted, and got an error when trying to launch the game:

    You cannot launch games with split big files!
    Transfer this game to internal HDD and try again or Use [Hermes] option for BD-Emulator type in SETTINGS XMMB column.
    anyway to get the game running from external or I'm missing something here?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Hi Dean - a mall Buf Report:

    While in the File mananager mode using the Up / Down arrow controller keys this happens:

    When scrolling down the cursors scroll behind the last item in the list over the "empty" lines rather than simply stopping at the last item.

    When scrolling up (on the list longer than the screen) from the possition when the top ".." line was move up out of the view in the last step it will "double jump" - so cursor after one press of the button ends up AVOVE the ".." line rather then ON it which is a bit annoying as you'd usually use it to go one folder up. This is caused by scrolling the list at the same time and while the top of the list is reached.

    It would be also nice to have some kind of indication the list is longer than the screen / continuing above or bellow the limist of the screen - like small arrows up / down on the side / top of each list and - or maybe even having the indication in the bottonm file info bar - something like 25 of 50 (or 25 / 50).

    And - while in XMMB mode - with large amount of Video files (170) the mM stalls quite often for long time usually me resulting to use the PS button to Quit.

    Also - several more or less "cosmetic" observations / suggestion:

    While in XMMB mode using the Left / Right keys while trying to get quickly accross several columns left or right by holding the key it has a noticeable delays as it tries to "load" the content of each column even when the key is still held so the "fast" horizontal move is jumpy. I think it would be more smooth to load / paint the column only once the button is released.

    Quite often I want to go from Favorited to multiMAN column which currently take 6x Left to get there. While you've implement the vertical roling over of the menu would you consider the horizontal one as well (even as an optional in the setting)? This would "speed " movement between those two columns 3x ai it would take only two moves left or right ...

    While scrolling up / down is very nice and smooth (and animated) the roll over from top to botom (or vice versa) isn't and feels pretty unnatural comparing to the rest of the movement in the menu. It simply JUMPS over rather then scroll over as with the normal vertical movement.

    Thanks Dean for all your effort and time investet in the developemnt of the far best manager around!

    *Small Bug Report* indeed - I must be blind to miss that after several proofreadings ... Boss - any update on extending the post editing limit? Two minutes is really REALLY low - I'd say at least 5 would benefit both users as well as you

    And Dean - one more thing - I've noticed that you can overwrite already existing file while copying in the File manager mode without any warnings - is that by design or could this be an additional / optional parameter?

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    jaykumar2001 Guest
    I believe if the games in marked internal in [] Game setting, you might receive this error/warning. I was also unable to launch big file games and following worked for me each time for all the games I tried.

    1. Delete Games data on PS3 (set BDEMU to Hermes). Or split your file with PS3 filesplitter and transfer (FTP/USB) to external directly.
    2. Copy using multiman, from internal to external
    3. Launch game from Multiman, it will prompt for installing internal game cache, say yes. After it send you out to XMB go back to Multiman menu
    4. Goto [] Game setting and Fix permissions.
    5. X Launch game

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Hi Dean,

    A few more for the Photo mode in XMMB:

    The picture is always displayed with the file info by default so you need to press Select everytime to hide it - can this be swapped around or made selectable in settings?

    While zooming using the right stick - Up + Left is zoom in while more logical would be Up + Right ...

    When using Left + Right buttons to scroll / browse through the pictures when you'll reach First / Last picture it goes back to menu and then indeed after next press move left or right to the next column. What about having it either to roll over or simply to stop at first / last picture instead?

    Apart of above - I've managed somehow to get "USB patch" displayed on top right corner (above the clock in XMMB mode) and can get rid of it anymore ...

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    daveshooter Guest
    May I suggest trying Rebug firmware it covers all the issues many users are having. Deank's MultiMan works flawlessly, with no need for BDVD disks in the drive, you can also swap the "X"/"O" in the rebug settings.

    Something I found was nice is, If you change your Regan to Japan and your xmb changes to Japaneses, and like myself you can't read it, your rebug setting panel stays in readable English, making it easy to change setting back when needed.

    You can create your own virtual BDVD disk at a size up to 15 gigs if you wish, and fake a number of other things and the BDEMU comes with it. All you need is MultiMan, Rebug firmware and there Version Spoofer, thats it.

    Deank and the Rebug team are some of the most trusted and talented developers we have as members on this site, so it makes sense to use Firmware and homebrew from a known source with 100% support. Well it makes sense to me.

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    deank Guest

    MultiMAN PS3 Game Backup Manager v02.00.02 Update Arrives

    You can now update to multiMAN 02.00.02 PS3 Backup Manager, which includes several changes as outlined in the changelog below.

    • Fixed: handling of themes_dir and covers_dir options in options.ini (broken in .01)
    • Fixed: handling of NETHOST definitions in options.ini (broken in .01)
    • Changed: Remember user font selection on exit (prevents reverting to theme font at each startup)

    File Manager related:
    • Added: Context menu in File Manager (similar to right-click) with CIRCLE button (all other shortcuts are removed)
    • Changed: Removed File Manager from mode list (L1/R1 skips it)
    • Changed: File size in File Manager shown with 2 decimal precision
    • Added: "File Manager Access" option in SETTINGS XMMB column - PIN protected - to disable FileManager mode
    • Changed: Key to select multiple files/folders: [SQUARE] (was [select])
    • Left pane shows up to 60 characters and right up to 55 for file/folder names (was 26/22)

    XMMB related:
    • Added: "Poster and Cover Alteration" option in XMMB Settings column
    • Added: "Button Assignment" option in XMMB Settings column
    • Added: Current selection in Settings column remembered
    • Fixed: Applying themes now changes text colors immediately in XMMB mode (clock, option names, game column title)
    • Added: Video thumbnails for XMMB VIDEO column (3264x3264 max res):

    - for external (non-XMB) video files: Example:
    --- movie name: my_video.avi
    --- thumbnail : my_video.avi.jpg, my_video.avi.JPG, my_video.jpg, my_video.JPG
    - for internal (XMB) videos - .STH thumbnail generated by the PS3 is used
    • Added thumbnail support for AVCHD, BDMV and DVD video structures (POSTER.JPG, COVER.JPG)
    • Added thumbnail support for AVCHD, BDMV (multiAVCHD compatible /HDAVCTN/BDMT_O1.jpg, /BDMV/META/DL/HDAVCTN_O1.jpg)
    • Added thumbnail support for PHOTO column (for JPEG images with resolution up to 3264x3264)
    • Added: Last game selection is remembered in XMMB mode after restart and after switching to other display modes
    • Improved: No more reloading of XMMB columns each time you leave/enter XMMB mode or game/system submenu
    • Changed: Scanning for content while in XMMB doesn't show the ugly "Scanning..." screen
    • Removed: File extensions for known media files in MUSIC/PHOTO/VIDEO XMMB columns
    • Added: Download Themes application in WEB XMMB column (thanks to S4BRE and condorstrike for hosting)
    • Added: Visit multiMAN forum link in WEB XMMB column
    • Graphics fixed: Downloading files via web browser while in XMMB mode
    • New option in options.ini/options_default.ini: themes_web_dir (to store downloaded themes)

    # Option: Directory to store downloaded multiMAN themes
    • Visualization improvement (good news for users with 720p/576p/480p TVs, too):
    • No more jagged edges of the textures (ICONS) during enlargement/shrinking
    • 576p looks good now, not to speak of 720p
    • Smoothing also applied to OVERSCAN modes
    • Added: Support for srt/ssa/ass subtitles when caching video for Showtime from NTFS drive
    • Removed: AC3 playback from file manager
    • Optimized memory management (90MB free during mM operation)
    • More optimizations: multiMAN executable (RELOAD.SELF) size down to 496KB
    • Updated version of Showtime 2.99.401 Media Player by andoma. Added support for Cyrillic Windows 1251 code page. multiMAN font for Showtime changed.

    You can update online from within multiMAN.

    If you can't update from your PS3, here is the update only (with SHOWTIME included).

    Update can be applied to all multiMAN BASE versions 01.17.00 - 02.00.01. After the install you may have to re-apply your current theme.

    BASE/FULL packages

    multiMAN ver 2.00.02 BASE (20110522_190000).rar (37.2 MB) (showTIME lastGAME ebootFIX ebootMOD bdRESET ps3SERV)

    multiMAN ver 2.00.02 FULL (20110522_190000).rar (152 MB) (2261 covers) (showTIME lastGAME ebootFIX ebootMOD bdRESET ps3SERV)

    Have fun and don't forget to support the project.


    multiMAN ver 2.00.02 BASE (20110522_190000).rar (37.2 MB) (showTIME lastGAME ebootFIX ebootMOD bdRESET ps3SERV)
    For all FW versions!download|481...00_.rar|39002|

    multiMAN ver 2.00.02 FULL (20110522_190000).rar (152.64 MB) (2261 game covers) (showTIME lastGAME ebootFIX ebootMOD bdRESET ps3SERV)!download|144...0_.rar|160056|

    [imglink=|MultiMAN PS3 Game Backup Manager v02.00.02 Update Arrives][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Thank you Dean - lots of fixed and improvements again.

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    nukester Guest
    does the new version make the split file compatibility any better?

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    trashchris Guest
    quick question, to load from ntfs do you still need to configure the usb.cfg?

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