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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    severusx Guest
    BDEMU.PKG is also attached to this thread. Go back to the forum list and click the little paperclip icon on the thread title. It will be in the list of attachments.

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    whompus60 Guest
    Cool.. I didn't even know the attachment clips where there. Never noticed I guess.

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    nukester Guest
    the following covers are missing

    brunswick pro bowling - BLES01130
    lego pirates of the caribbean - BLES01239
    zumba fitness - BLES01159 (seems to have tomb raider trilogy cover atm)

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    whompus60 Guest
    I forgot to mention, that second pkg I posted is bdemu2 which will be the one needed for split file caching. Or is the one attached here the newer one?

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    Pakatus Guest
    Hi dean,

    1st... your dedication and your work... rock, really. Your work is inspiring and most welcome.. thanks.
    2nd... i guess i've spotted a little weird behaviour on 2.0. When deleting a game from Internal (havent tried external), it doesn't delete the root directory (with the SFO within). Happened to me twice. Not sure if its a bug or really bad luck.

    Thank again...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Pakatus View Post
    When deleting a game from Internal (havent tried external), it doesn't delete the root directory (with the SFO within).
    Was it by any chance the game which was mounted / played as last one prior deleting?

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    Pakatus Guest
    Not sure.

    But as i said... i deleted 2 games. Even if i had played one of them... what's the explanation for the second i deleted?

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    deank Guest
    Complete changelog since BASE/FULL 2.00.00:

    XMMB mode:
    * Game poster/background loads/shows 2x faster now
    * Game poster is crisp and unaltered
    * All texts in XMMB are smooth and easy to read with bright backgrounds
    * All texts got small shadow to improve visibility
    * Favorites column shows game icons
    * Fave star applied to game icons in Favorites column
    * Clock and column title more visible and better looking
    * Cover overlay image (GLC.PNG) applied to cover in XMMB mode, too
    * Added image background for theme selection (10x to condor) (pop up can be moved with analogue sticks)
    * Fixed: time/date format changes immediately (not after 30 seconds)
    * Fixed 'favorites' column (showing stuff when no faves selected)
    * Added option in SETTINGS column to disable "Theme Audio"
    * "Title Details" option in SETTINGS column to change 4x2, 8x4, cover flow and Box-art modes (title/+id/+title count/none)
    * Fixed Mouse X/Y deadzone setting
    * Fixed PHOTO column populates properly from USB storage (/PICTURE folder)
    * Changed: "Verifying USB Games" option: [Always/Auto/Never]

    * Changed: options are saved on exit (not each time you change a setting in SETTINGS column)
    * Changed boot procedure (EBOOT.BIN is just 50KB and it launches main multiMAN app RELOAD.SELF)
    * "Mouse X/Y deadzone" can go up to 90%
    * "Dim titles" setting can go up to 10 seconds
    * Changed top-menu in File Manager
    * Fixed "DIRECT BOOT" from external USB HDD
    * Changed: "Overscan" application (much better than before)
    * All texts in FileMan mode look better now
    * Added support for SND0.AT3 in themes
    * Added option BD-Emulator (to switch between Standard (syscall36) / Hermes (syscall8) / None)
    * Added support for MFW 3.41 (BD-Emulator option: Hermes (syscall8)
    * Added support for playing games with split big files from USB HDD:
    * - Caching split files to internal HDD for unlimited number of titles
    * - Playing games with split files works with "Direct Boot" and "BD Mirror" options, too.
    * - Launching games with split files works from Disc Icon and /app_home
    * Added new option in "Game Settings" submenu: "Ext Game Data" (install game data on external USB)
    * Added new function in SETTINGS column "Clean Game Cache"

    Latest update (to be used only with BASE/FULL 2.00.00 installation):

    To use "caching of split files" and "game data on external usb" you will need the new BDEMU.BIN (4992 bytes) (BDEMU2). Also for caching you will need "Verify USB Games" option set to Always or Auto.


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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Thanks Dean - you're like the Energizer bunny - unstoppable...

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    ro2 Guest
    Hi Deank,

    Yestarday has been released cobra manager which support PSX backups and psp minis. Can you add this feature to multiman ?

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