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    Hello Dean,

    Thanks for your great work and support. I got ps3 3.55 kmeaw version with Multiman 17.0.2 Base with bdemu. I want to upgrade to your latest release.

    I got few questions before I precede further. What's the difference between the base package and the full package? What's the best way to update to the latest release?

    Can I install full package on top of 17.o.2 base?

    Thanks & Regards...

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    Full pack includes also all the covers and mega pack the extra themes as well. For upgrade simply install new version over the previous one.

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    could someone correct the EU zumba cover as it currently is tomb raider trilogy? really liking this bm more and more on every update.

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    Changes since 2.00.00 official (base/full)

    XMMB mode changes:
    * Game poster/background loads/shows 2x faster now
    * Game poster is crisp and unaltered
    * All texts in XMMB are smooth and easy to read with bright backgrounds
    * All texts got small shadow to improve visibility
    * Favorites column shows game icons
    * Fave star applied to game icons in Favorites column
    * Clock and column title more visible and better looking
    * Cover overlay image (GLC.PNG) applied to cover in XMMB mode, too
    * Added image background for theme selection (10x to condor) (pop up can be moved with analogue sticks)
    * Fixed: time/date format changes immediately (not after 30 seconds)
    * Fixed 'favorites' column (showing stuff when no faves selected)
    * Added option in SETTINGS column to disable "Theme Audio"

    Other changes:
    * Changed: options are saved on exit (not each time you change a setting in SETTINGS column)
    * Changed boot procedure (EBOOT.BIN is just 50KB and it launches main multiMAN app RELOAD.SELF)
    * "Mouse X/Y deadzone" can go up to 90%
    * "Dim titles" setting can go up to 10 seconds
    * Changed top-menu in File Manager
    * Fixed "DIRECT BOOT" from external USB HDD
    * Changed: "Overscan" application (much better than before)
    * All texts in FileMan mode look better now
    * Added support for SND0.AT3 in themes
    * "Title Details" option in SETTINGS column to change 4x2, 8x4 and Box-art modes (title/+id/+title count)

    UPDATE only (to be applied only to BASE/FULL 2.00.00) 580KB:


    3+1 Themes for multiMAN 2.0 (Original, Aero 2, Disruption, Jero Dark Blue): link (70MB) --> (signed:

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    What I can say Dean - thanks thanks THANKS! *Sending virtual beer*

    And - if you ever get bored or out of ideas what else to add - what about implementing the cheats (let's say based on the PC splution floating currently on the main news page)?

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    Question bluray??

    hello, you are doing a very good job with multiman., but could you make able the copy of data from bluray because i have a bluray burner and it would be great if i could backup my games and movies in bluray and copy them to my ps3 when i want to play some of them because my hard disk is not so big.

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    Yeah, wouldn't it be great really? REALLY?!

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    cheat idea sounds good but offline cheats, online cheats are for losers.

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    deank, respect from Poland (40m country) for your awsome release on scene. could you add option in kind "(search for) update all games"?


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    Quote Originally Posted by nukester View Post
    cheat idea sounds good but offline cheats, online cheats are for losers.
    Well indeed - it will be anyway hardly possible to go online with CFW (at least any time soon) so no problem here.

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