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    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by aideng2011 View Post
    Hi dean, thanks again.

    am i to install this over my version of multiman or do i need to remove my older version?
    No, always install over the old one.

    AERO 2 by condorstrike is coming and also DISRUPTION is available (ps3.spiffy360.com/themes.php?creator=8461) for XMMB mode.

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    aideng2011 Guest
    Thanks Dean + leukotic

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    swell9178 Guest
    Impressive work, but I can't see any of the icons in XMMB mode. Only a refresh icon.

  4. #3724
    deank Guest
    Well, multiMAN doesn't come with games.

  5. #3725
    swell9178 Guest
    I have about 10 games, but no game icons or wallpapers come up. Only the name of the game with a refresh icon next to it.

  6. #3726
    deank Guest
    What folder are your games in?

  7. #3727
    swell9178 Guest

  8. #3728
    deank Guest
    Check if games are not in additional subfolders.

    Proper structure:


    Wrong structure:


  9. #3729
    swell9178 Guest
    Thanks Dean. I will look into it.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Apologies for repeating already posted comment / request by someone else in this post - but it looks really a bit weird to have those large favourite stars instead of the game icons in the Favorites column... would it be posssible to have this as an optional in the settings if you don't want to change it permanently?

    Thank you - I really enjoy all the constant development and plethora of new features you're spoiling is with.

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