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    chip hazard Guest
    Thanks deank. Because I found this: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5SX35BT3

    This is a MultiMAN version who load hermes payload when the manager start. This pkg work great in CFW 3.41 but this is tehe 1.16 version . I don't uderstand how that work because if i take the BDemu.bin (in the hdd of the ps3) of this version and I paste it on the 2.00, that does not work. Sorry if I if I disturb you. Thank you.

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    lefterisk Guest
    What does BDROM-Reset.pkg do?

    Dean, When i load a game (Select + X option) then if i shut down the ps3 created a folder in my HDD (PS3_Game probably is a game shortcut) but is any way to restore to original path?

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    deank Guest
    It is expected to KNOW why the PS3_GAME folder is there, since the SELECT+X is available for 4 months already. THIS IS HOW BD-MIRROR function works. If you want the game to return to its folder - launch multiMAN after you play the game, or run bdrom-reset or just DON'T touch the PS3_GAME folder and next time you launch multiMAN it will return it to its place.

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    System Repairs Guest
    I'm not sure what happened. Blu-Ray Discs do not show up in xmb. Games seem fine but movies will not come up. Four things happened beofre I had this issue.

    1. I tried playing MK before installing the patch. PS3 reset on me and said I have to reinstall firmware. I pressed PS button and bypassed the msg.
    2. I updated to MultiMan 1.17..04
    3. I had had a power outage that may have shut it down wile playing a Blu-Ray Movie.
    4. I had 2 corrupt files that I deleted.

    Does anyone have a directory structur of what folder and file should come up for FTP? Maybe I deleted a major file. I already did everything including full format and reinstall 3.55 kmeaw.

    My laser is brand new. Maybe needs adjusting? I think its a software issue. Any help is appreciated.

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    lefterisk Guest

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    eyas15 Guest
    Thanks for the new 2.0

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    leukotic Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by botbry View Post
    thanks for all of your work dean, i have been using multiman since the beginning, but i have noticed that you have stopped updated the OP, are we going to have to keep up with the updates in the comments instead from now on? i'm not trying to sound ungrateful I know how time consuming is to be constantly be editing the main post plus the comments. But for about a month i thought that you haven't made any updates since the main post hasn't changed.
    Just RSS the main news page on this site to keep up with the updates, makes it really easy to search through tons of articles at once. The MutiMAN updates/articles stick out like a sore thumb due to how they are written.

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    aideng2011 Guest
    Hi dean, thanks again.

    am i to install this over my version of multiman or do i need to remove my older version?

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Wow ! This looks smooth!

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    leukotic Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by aideng2011 View Post
    am i to install this over my version of multiman or do i need to remove my older version?
    Nope, just install the correct pkg file and it will automatically overwrite your current MM.

    BTW Dean, I am loving the new XMMB setup, very slick! Can't wait until there is themes for that as well!

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