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    No, there was no 3.15 compatible version since 1.16.11. For "all" means 3.41OFW/CFW and all 3.55FW flavors.

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    Mmm.. gotchya Dean. Guess i shoulda asked to be certain instead of assuming. Unfortunately it broke my older 1.16.11 installation. Do you think reinstalling my OFW 3.15 will fix this so i can run that version again? Only possible solution i can think of.. Thanks for the info !

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    Quote Originally Posted by deank View Post
    Here is what I'm working on

    It is ready, now the content for each column must be filled.
    Looks very nice indeed deank !!

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    Dean thanks for your great and hard work ! Is there any chance to implement PS2 game support in Multiman ? I know that only the first PS3s consoles had PS2 compatibility but I was wondering if we will ever (thanks to you ofcourse) be able to run PS2 games in our 3.55 Kmeaw Slim PS3s from an external hard disk..

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    Dean, I have dumped your last release and blackbox ftp to a stock ps3 running 3.56 ofw, and I can see the icons in the xmb but they will not run.

    I did think when trying to put blackbox ftp on the ps3 it may not run because of the ofw, but seeing i did manage it, i was wondering if there was a way to fix or place something on the drive to make them work ?


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    I am trying to play an MKV video in Multiman. I go to the video in "File Mode" and hit the X button and nothing happens. Am I missing something? I know that Showtime is used to play the actual files. Am I wrong in assuming that showtime will play MKV files? Thanks for any help. Also, Dean, thanks so much for this program. It is the absolute best and keeps getting better. Thanks for all your hard work. Later.

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    First post here, just to thank you for this great manager...

    Keep it up...

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    Hi everyone,

    since installing multiman 1.17 Mortal Kombat 2011 is constantly giving me the message that there isn't enough disc space and the game has been aborted. I tried all kinds of different game settings, non of them work.

    I have CFM 3.41 with ps3 and disc inserted. Also tried the select+x option which worked fine with version 1.16. I'm using my external HDD by the way.

    Anyone having the same problem or knows what the cause is??

    I did overwrite 1.16 with 1.17 instead of deleting 1.16 first. Not sure if this can be the cause? Also tried uninstalling and installing 1.17 again but to this doesn't help either. I'm out of option. Can anyone help or check and confirm they have the same problem?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    Do you mean to actually find the games or to also group them that way as well in the manager view? If the former I believe it works already...
    Excuse me, I didn't see your question before - I meant the latter.

    I know, it's already possible to include secondary search folders in options.ini. But to be able to organize games in the manager view would be great, because with every new game it's becoming more and more confusing to find the right one.

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    Hi Dean!

    can you add option in ini file to swap X and O button actions?

    On my Japanese PS3 everywhere O - accept/confirm, X - cancel/back, while in MultiMAN it's opposite. I often press wrong buttons.

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