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    Contributor manboo8000's Avatar
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    hi, i've tried to update my Multiman over R3 but i get an error. Has anyone else this problem?

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    that's one sweet looking manager.. it's the best. you're legend

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    Hello, We are a group hacker Arabs.. Thank you for your good work!

    We have put a copy of the topic in the site also: adslgate.com/dsl/showthread.php?t=906906
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    Dean, i found out about you because of this perfect program (multiMan). Then within multiMan i learned there was AVCHD support so i looked into that and stumbled upon the program multiAVCHD and the rest of your work..

    i have to say that you are one of the best programmer i know and thanks for the support and great work..

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    big thanks to dean and all the hard work he puts into this. if i was to make a request it would be to put that ps3 cheat enabler from teamOS into future releases of BM other than that BM is flawless to me as is right now tho.

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    Thanks a lot for your continous work on MultiMan. It has been grown to a fantastic all-in-one manager.

    Just a little idea: What do you think about adding user defined folder support from within MultiMan? For example "/dev/usb000/GAMEZ/Racing Games/", "/dev/usb000/GAMEZ/Jump'n'Run/", "/dev/usb000/GAMEZ/FPS/", ...

    Using folders it would be much easier to organize games.

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    Do you mean to actually find the games or to also group them that way as well in the manager view? If the former I believe it works already...

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    Here is what I'm working on

    It is ready, now the content for each column must be filled.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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    Quote Originally Posted by deank View Post
    Here is what I'm working on

    It is ready, now the content for each column must be filled.
    Nice one Dean. Is it using it's own icons / theme or would it be able to mimic / copy the actuall (or any other on given PS3 installed) theme items?

    Guess what I'd like to see in one of those - MirandaIM
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    Hi Dean,

    I can't tell you how excited I was when you integrated showtime into Multiman, as i was hoping it might help me play a few odd resolution divx clips that won't play natively from the PS3 Xbar. However, I had problems when i finally tried installing multiMAN ver 1.17.02 FULL last night on FW 3.15. Installation appeared o.k, but then continually prompted me to upgrade to fw 3.40 before i could run the BM! I deleted it, and tried without success all the previous versions- all the way down to my original 1.16.11 fw 3.15 specific version that I had working last beautifully, and now that will not work- giving me error 80028519. =(

    The link listings state for ALL fw versions (including 3.15) right? Anyone else on 3.15 have problems/success with this version install? Any idea on how i might be able to at least get my old 1.16.11 version working again, if these newer versions cannot support 3.15? Thanks again for sharing all your wonderful work, MM's the best!


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