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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    kmjansen83 Guest
    Great but the one feat. i'm still missing is the gamecopy to cache like iris manarger for big file games, now i use that one, i can't get irismanager to work while multiman installed.

    something about the old syscall so it don't load big file games. I hope you'll implent the cache copy in next update dean.

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    madmax69 Guest
    Dean new version fantastic puts multiman straight to the top of the tree, thanks for all your hard work and effort.

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    deank Guest

    MultiMAN PS3 Game Manager v01.17.02 with Rebug CFW Support

    Today multiMAN PS3 Game Backup Manager has been updated to version 01.17.02, which now includes support for Rebug PS3 Custom Firmware among the changes detailed below.

    multiMAN 01.17.01/02 Changelog:
    • Interface update
    • Simplified and cleaner look
    • Slick and professional feel
    • Link XMB VIDEO files to Showtime option in "System Menu"
    • Launch Showtime option in "System Menu"
    • Game options: press SQUARE
    • System menu: press TRIANGLE
    • Updated version of SHOWTIME MEDIA PLAYER (codepages Windows-1250 and 1251)
    • "Favorites" menu in next version
    • Themes must be updated to reflect latest changes
    • More options added in COLOR.INI for theme creators
    • user_font added in COLOR.INI for theme creators
    • game_bg_overlay added in COLOR.INI
    • "Cover not available" cover in some display modes
    • "[O] Save" in submenu changed to "[O] Back"
    • Updated the "Original theme" to reflect the recent changes
    • Changes to the Game Options sub-menu
      - support for PNG covers
      - display of game version and ps3 firmware required in title name
    • Changes in File manager
      - TRIANGLE - one directory up
      - UP+R2 - to top of list
      - DOWN+R2 - to bottom of list
    • Support for REBUG firmwares (properly working BD mirror function)

    multiMAN ver 1.17.02 BASE (20110424_142000).rar (28.21 MB) (Showtime lastGAME ps3SERV)
    For all FW versions!download|917...00_.rar|29579|

    multiMAN ver 1.17.02 FULL (20110424_142000).rar (135.13 MB) (2210 covers) (Showtime lastGAME ps3SERV ebootFIX)
    For all FW versions!download|801...0_.rar|141693|

    [imglink=|MultiMAN PS3 Game Manager v01.17.02 with Rebug CFW Support][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Dean - thanks for all the improvements and the continous support - it really is appreciated by all of us (even those who "complains" and moan all the time).

    I know you must be fed up at times with all those requests for the new features here and I was holding myself back to not do that as well (or at least not that often) but at least as a suggestion to look into sometimes in the future - have you yet considered including of the (I hate this name though) applying of the game "cheat" codes directly via your manager?

    Happy Easter holliday to all.

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    vesper8 Guest
    great update as usual! keep up the amazing work!

    any chance of ever having the ability to load games via LAN? IE instead of having an internal/external drive as the source for games, I could load games from a network share instead? That would be soooo great.

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    elser1 Guest
    thanks again Dean!!

    i'm just wonder about the install of the update.. i dl the 1.17.02 base version i'm running the previous release.. i know how to install but i'm just wondering what the package with wt at the end is.. is this for custom firmware?

    its the multiMAN ver 1.17.02 BASE (20110424_142000)WT.pkg... one that i'm asking about.. thanks for your time..

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    jamesbondcr7 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    its the multiMAN ver 1.17.02 BASE (20110424_142000)WT.pkg... one that i'm asking about.. thanks for your time..
    That's the pkg for Wutangrza's CFW and for Geohot's CFW. So unless your on either of those use the regular pkg.

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    sdlaurin Guest
    I think what I love the most is the fact you take our request and feedback and turn it into something real.

    you are the man.

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    anulu82 Guest
    just updated from 1.16. well, this BM is awesome! i have a few things what i'd like to see:
    - mount or direct play DVD-R .iso

    - play BD-J movies.

    these two only. otherwise i think that this application is perfect!

    thank you for it!

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    aideng2011 Guest
    Fantastic work again just gets better and better, multiman makes ps3 life easy

    Thanks Dean

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