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    mmanolos Guest


    Dean, are you aware about this issue?: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-he...lp-117918.html

    I'm suffering this with Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 2 and some other game (with 3.55 Waninkoko v2). I don't know if it's related totally to multiman, but I appreciate if you can fix it. TIA!

    Thank you very, very much for your outstanding work!!

  2. #3592
    Sachka Guest
    I'm having a lot of issues using multiman with rebug firmware, updated games (lbp 1.30, lbp2, gt5) won't boot at all, they do boot with no patches applied or simpling by changing the firmware, but it is really weird! Is it possible to see a version of multiman that could work with rebug? If its not much to ask

    Anyway... Just wanted to report that.

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    vietnamnz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by billyreneoberra View Post
    i love multiman but this one doesn't work for me at all. as soon as i try to load ANY game it freezes up on me. no game loads anymore. i'm on waninkoko v2.

    anyone else similar problems??
    remove multiman then install the new full version one with option_default.ini file included in the download file, it does help me, hope it will solve your problem.

    Deank is the best, multiman is my favourite.

  4. #3594
    money15 Guest


    If i use the update button in the game options menu will it update an eboot mod game correctly? i'm on 3.55 kmeaw

  5. #3595
    Frago Guest
    Deank can you add in a another update something with split files like iris manager to play the splitted files from external with select and x or to use select and x on the internal to?

  6. #3596
    billyreneoberra Guest
    i tried everything already. delete the old multiman installing the "base" and the "full" version but nothing works. installing it over the old multiman also doesn't work.

    nobody else had this problem with multiman 1.17.00? i am on waninkoko v2 and i cannot load any games anymore. multiman just freezes as soon as i hit the X button to load any game... any suggestions?

  7. #3597
    final94 Guest
    A few versions before there has been an issue with waninkoko. i can remember that later deank released a fix for that. perhaps it came back with this new version.

    Btw: i don't understand why people stay on another cfw than kmeaw?! i had no issues since i changed to that (recommended by devs).

  8. #3598
    billyreneoberra Guest
    well... i never had an issue with waninkoko before this one

    i just hope there is gonna be a fix for this problem soon.

  9. #3599
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    While I understand certain "benefits" of such solution - do you really want wait prior playing every such games for 10 - 30 minutes before the large files will get "cashed"? How many games do you really play as the same time? 3 .. 4 ... 5? Just copy them all to you hard internal hard drive and when you finished replace them with new ones.

    I'd say that instead of spending the time on this feature I'd much rather see NAS / SMB support for games - preferably direct launching (although this would need a FW patch the same way as NTFS support) or at least read / write access to copy games from / to such devices over the network.

  10. #3600
    Frago Guest
    No you didn't understand this game doesn't play from internal it plays from external only with select and x, but to play this you must split the 14gb file into 13 files to save it into the fat32 external then keep the first file with the deufalt name and delete the others with the .666 for multiman to let you able to play.. otherwise its says that the big split games doesn't play from external copy to internal.

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