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    Frago Guest
    Hi DEANK, it's the first time i wrote to you to ask you what we gonna do to play the michael jackson game, i'm a fan and the only way to play is to load from external usb while presing select and x but you can play the whole game cause from the big file of the game i split it from 14gb to 4 fgb in 13 files and i am able to play only the first file.

    how we use the feature select and x to the internal hdd to load the whole file and play normaly? or any other idea?

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    deank Guest

    MultiMAN PS3 Manager v01.17.00 with Game-Specific Sub-Menu

    You can now update to version 01.17.00 with [R3] in multiMAN which now features a PS3 game-specific sub-menu, or download the BASE or FULL version from below. Enjoy it.

    Download: multiMAN ver 1.17.00 BASE (20110418_220000) (24.55 MB) / multiMAN 01.17.00 (FULL) (2210 covers) (helpMME showTIME) (128.65 MB)

    If you wish to get the latest Showtime, delete SHOWTIME.SELF from multiMAN's folder and play a video - you'll be prompted to download the latest.

    multiMAN v1.17.00 Changelog:
    • Added: New sub-menu to set game specific options (press R1)
    • Added: Latest version of Showtime by andoma and helpMME by condorstrike
    • Added: Support for 5 user fonts (change with SELECT+R3)
    • Added: Custom font for Showtime in fonts/system/showtime.ttf
    • Numerous fixes, improvements and additions

    XMM theme by condorstrike used for screenshots:

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the update as always deank, I have promoted it to the main page as well and +Rep!

  4. #3584
    Tek9 Guest
    Thanks Again Deank you are the man, keep up the good work

  5. #3585
    Frago Guest


    And what about Michael Jackson game? Are we now able to play it with some way?

  6. #3586
    kalavera Guest
    Deank, first of all thank for your great work with multiman!

    Some feature requests:

    - possibility to integrated update helpMME or Showtime (like the program itself);
    - auto-notification for new releases at program start;
    - BIG REQUEST : it's possible to integrate a NAS autodiscovery support like it is in Showtime and implement a copy to/from NAS (over network) to internal HDD? And if possible, stream files, movies and/or games. My major handicup right now is the process to copy files from my NAS to my portable usb disk, then plug it on the ps3 and then copy to internal hdd ... and so on

    And a question about your showtime version : what it is the difference between your and the one in github? It isn't possible to integrate your development in the main trunk?

    Thank you very much!

  7. #3587
    kimdalanxa Guest
    The best backup manager ever! Thanks for presenting us with yore awesome work, keep up DEAN!

  8. #3588
    thor Guest

    Lightbulb a small bug in great new menu

    i check the game specific menu , and think i found small bug.. the menu has a prev and next game option in it which let's you switch between games inside the game menu , but when i tried the update game option it stayed with the original game i open the menu for and not the currently displayed game.

    nice new features!

  9. #3589
    deank Guest
    Sorry... (removed)

  10. #3590
    billyreneoberra Guest


    i love multiman but this one doesn't work for me at all. as soon as i try to load ANY game it freezes up on me. no game loads anymore. i'm on waninkoko v2.

    anyone else similar problems??

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