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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Some games will run without a disk but not all of them... you will have to find out yourself which ones work.

    I had a ps3 with broken blu-ray drive and some games did work... however i bricked that ps3 (faulty update )

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    bilall Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cyberfix View Post
    I don't think this is the proper place for this question, but I will answer it in the event that it is okay to be here. The 3D movies come in various formats. Any 3D movie except for the anaglyph format requires additional hardware or special processing. The 3D Anaglyph format uses the colored glasses (like Red and Blue) to support the 3D effect with one image.

    Software such as the commercially available Stereoscopic player can take a 3D movie in split screen and other formats and display them in a format compatible to the colored glasses mode. Otherwise, you need a 3D compatible TV that has the capability of selecting different 3D modes or use software to output it in the mode you need (Nvidia 3D glasses, 3D TV with LCD glasses, or 3D Anaglyph mode).

    For instance, my Samsung LCD lets me turn on 3D mode and I can select whether the image is Over/Under or Side by Side format. It will combine the image into one 3D image that works with its' glasses. Blu-Rays can use a page flip mode that keeps the full 1080P resolution but with twice the frames (faster frame rate with left and right frames following each other). 3D TVs support this too. I hope this clears it up a little and does not confuse you more.
    hey, thanks for your time. I thought that it would be oke if I asked it here because I use multiman for playing movies and thought that maybe I'm doing something wrong.

    I have a led lcd 3d tv with 3d glasses of sony and not the red blue glasses. I also have the button to switch to 3d, but the problem is: I've downloaded a 3d movie and it was too big for the hard disk so I first split (tsmuxer and dvdfab) the movie so it could fit on the harddisk but when I play the movie it doesn't have 3d. I see 2 screens one left one right but the 3d doesn't come out.

    I thought the problem was the SSIF files which were not split good. so i tried a bravia test version which i also downloaded and it only was one mkv file and i converted it to m2ts but still didn't see 3d. i had the same disk original of the test version of bravia and that one does have 3d.

    sorry for my english and if there is a better thread to ask this question then I will ask it there.

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    r3dcat Guest
    I have an LG 3D TV and have been working with SBS (Side By Side) .mkv stereoscopic rips... They play fine directly through the TV's inbuilt media player from external drive but I would prefer to play them through my PS3/showtime... showtime plays the files but the image is not (left) edge to (right) edge of the screen, so that when my 3D TV merges the SBS images they are badly out of alignment... and as far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be any option(s) in showtime to correct this ? Anyone got any suggestions ??

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by r3dcat View Post
    Anyone got any suggestions ??
    Home/Global Settings/Display and User Interface/Horizontal Underscan

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    deank Guest
    I'm adding a submenu suggested by a user in another forum:

    I hope you like it.

    A lot of things are fixed from .15 and support for 5 external user fonts (ttf/otf) and some more...

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    bitsbubba Guest
    looks to be another awesome update Dean.

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    lakers714 Guest
    Do you know where I can find that list? it's cuz i want to run marvel vs capcom 3

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Nice one Dean - if you'd ever manage to include SMB access I thing this would be a TOP manager for ever. Thanks for your constant updates and support - your dedication to this projects is simply unmatched to any other manager developer. Most of them gave up months ago or will release some more or less random update here and there. We all really appreciate your time spent on this.

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    final94 Guest
    WHAAAAT? I can't believe my eyes. the greatest of all managers is getting the most appreciated improvements (at least for me): a submenu instead of confusing button combinations and the potential to save the options instead of thinking for each game: "mmmhh, was it bd-emu, can it start directly?" and so on.

    so, what are the others thinking: perhaps we need a new compatibility list with some more options like bd-emu = y/n, direct boot = y/n, usb patch = y/n

    at least one word to deank: you are one of the greatest developers i've seen in my hole long "scene-life". kudos, beer and girls to you.

    sorry for my english. i'm from graf_chokolo-raid-land :-)

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by final94 View Post
    sorry for my english. i'm from graf_chokolo-raid-land :-)
    I wouldn't say that too loud, it seems the German law has nothing better to do than raid and sue people... last night SKFU told CJPC that he received notice (docs to be posted today) and is now being sued by Sony for his older PS Home/account hacks.

    I guess Sony won't stop targeting PS3 hackers until they make examples of all to intimidate anyone else from stepping up.

    Back on topic- looks nice deank!

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