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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    Xalies Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by vgyliu View Post
    Gonna take a guess but i think Oman is open manager and Mman is Multiman
    Na, Andreas Oman is who makes Showtime.

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    darksyde Guest
    I think the only thing missing for me is the ability to browse network shares with Multiman and launch the file with showtime. That would allow me to dump my original Xbox running XBMC once and for all.

    I know your probably sick of requests, but please please could you consider adding this feature? And I would love it if we were able to browse the share using SMB/SAMBA and NOT using DLNA requiring the runnning of a DLNA server. ie like the way XBMC browses network shares.

    In case you're interested Dean

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    cyberfix Guest
    +1 for video network support! I would be happy if we could do a nethost mapping using the PS3 File Server application from Dean. It supports MP3 and images, but videos would be great if ShowTime could see them too. This would allow for MKV without having to do the multiAVCHD step if I read everything correctly.

    Besides that, very impressive work Dean. I always eagerly await the next news post on your releases!

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    br4insick Guest
    So i was searching around learning about creating AVCHD disc and ran across a program called multiAVCHD and realized it was from Dean also. Is there anything you can't do? thank you for the hard work.

    Will showtime fix the zoom problem for AVCHD disc? When i play AVCHD disc on my PS3; its very zoomed in.

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    asp28 Guest
    Thank you very much Dean for your hard work. I missed dirrect open of .ts container files from your manager. It works fine from Showtime.

    I don't know why, but i can't copy any data to internal HDD or play any media files from my CDs and DVDs. Is there any problem with that or I missed something?

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    bilall Guest
    does anyone know why I can't play 3d movies?? i've done everything and tried lots of different movies but I still get to watch 2 screens (one left, one right) but without 3d effect.

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    kratos900 Guest
    Thanks Dean! I hope you do a cheat menu.


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    cyberfix Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bilall View Post
    does anyone know why I can't play 3d movies?? i've done everything and tried lots of different movies but I still get to watch 2 screens (one left, one right) but without 3d effect.
    I don't think this is the proper place for this question, but I will answer it in the event that it is okay to be here. The 3D movies come in various formats. Any 3D movie except for the anaglyph format requires additional hardware or special processing. The 3D Anaglyph format uses the colored glasses (like Red and Blue) to support the 3D effect with one image.

    Software such as the commercially available Stereoscopic player can take a 3D movie in split screen and other formats and display them in a format compatible to the colored glasses mode. Otherwise, you need a 3D compatible TV that has the capability of selecting different 3D modes or use software to output it in the mode you need (Nvidia 3D glasses, 3D TV with LCD glasses, or 3D Anaglyph mode).

    For instance, my Samsung LCD lets me turn on 3D mode and I can select whether the image is Over/Under or Side by Side format. It will combine the image into one 3D image that works with its' glasses. Blu-Rays can use a page flip mode that keeps the full 1080P resolution but with twice the frames (faster frame rate with left and right frames following each other). 3D TVs support this too. I hope this clears it up a little and does not confuse you more.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Dean... Re "Improved initial scan (no scanning for games when not needed)"

    This doesn't seem to work quite right - i love the idea of reducing scan times by caching the game list, but I and at least one other guy (see had problem where multiman was not picking up newly added games.

    Seems that SELECT + R1 solves the problem (forcing a refresh of the cached list by the looks of it) - what are you using as your trigger for re-listing games?

    - Maybe need to add something on the game screen to say "Refresh List: Select+R1" ?

    Anyways - just thought i'd let you know - not moaning about multiman as it's a superb bit of work and i'm very gratful for all your hard work.


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    lakers714 Guest
    I have quick question plz help, my ps3 doesn't have a good drive.. is it possible to run the game with multiman from usb or hard drive without any disk? plz reply

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