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    polki333 Guest

    Thanks r3dcat

    Thanks r3dcat I had the same problem for a few days till I found your post.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by alleschonweg View Post
    i would like to copy several games from a usb-hdd to the internal hdd. is there any possibility besides copying each game one by one ?
    Not in the "game" mode. If you have a large amount of games to move use either FTP or file mode instead.

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    Amoebiuss613 Guest
    Hi Deanrr,

    If possible could you please add support for multiple USB directories search ? I have 3-4 directories to separate my games but they wont show up in multiman at the same time.

    Thank you for all your efforts, this manager rocks.

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    severusx Guest
    Just add the directories to the config file, MM will load them all.

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    deank Guest

    MultiMAN v01.16.11 Arrives, Includes Renaming PS3 Game Titles

    MultiMAN v01.16.11 OBM PS3 Mod is now available and features the ability to rename PS3 game titles among the changes detailed below.

    The BASE version for firmware 3.15 is not tested by me. Please if anyone with firmware 3.15 can test the base version - let me know!

    MultiMAN 1.16.11 Changes:
    • Added: Boot progress messages
    • Added: Feature to rename game titles [SELECT]+[O]
    • Added: Check if game has split files (.666xx) upon game launch
    • Fixed: FTP server properly shows "modified" date/time stampFeatures:

    (FW 3.4+) BASE package__: multiMAN 01.16.11 (6MB)
    multiMAN ver 1.16.11 BASE (20110322_170000).rar (6.74 MB)
    For all FW versions

    (FW 3.15) BASE package__: multiMAN 01.16.11 (3MB)
    multiMAN ver 1.16.11 BASE (20110322_170000) FW3.15.rar (3.87 MB)
    For firmware 3.15
    (check links in the front page / 1st post)

    (FW 3.4+) FULL package__: multiMAN 01.16.11 (94MB - [1802 COVERS])
    multiMAN ver 1.16.11 FULL (20110322_170000).rar (94.22 MB) (1802 covers)
    For all FW versions

    (FW 3.4+) MEGA package__: multiMAN 01.16.11 (390MB - [1802 COVERS] [47 THEMES] [LAST_GAME] [EBOOT_FIX] [PS3SERV_GUI])
    multiMAN ver 1.16.11 MEGA (20110322_170000).rar (390.27 MB) (1802 covers) (47 themes) [LAST_GAME] [EBOOT_FIX] [PS3_SERV]
    For 3.41CFW/OFW, 3.55KM/WN2

    multiMAN ver 1.16.11 MEGA (20110322_170000) WT.rar (390.27 MB) (1802 covers) (47 themes) [LAST_GAME] [EBOOT_FIX] [PS3_SERV] For 3.55GH/WT/WN1
    multiMAN ver 1.16.11 MEGA (20110322_170000) WT.rar (390.27 MB) (390.27 MB) (1802 covers) (47 themes) [LAST_GAME] [EBOOT_FIX] [PS3_SERV]
    For 3.55GH/WT/WN1

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Madpacman Guest
    Fine job as always. I loved the last version can't wait to test this next.

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    Amoebiuss613 Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    So why not let it to search the WHOLE USB hard drive by pointing it to the roote - as per comment above?

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    damox Guest
    Now that you can change the game title from within Multiman itself, I have a few questions.

    a) is the game name being edited in the games param.sfo file?
    b) at any point is multiman making backups of the original param.sfo? (if not - should it?)

    Finally, is there any chance there could be a function added that uploads original param.sfo files to damox.net (The PS3Index).

    Multimans help would be a huge boost to the completeness of the database.

  10. #3430
    whompus60 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    So why not let it to search the WHOLE USB hard drive by pointing it to the roote - as per comment above?
    I think pointing it to root tells it to find game (such as BLUS32007) in root not folders.

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