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  1. #3411
    whompus60 Guest
    I have not done this but I would think you would add 3 lines to look like:


    If your not seeing your original gamez folder thats on your usb try changing usb_home from GAMEZ to Gamez.

    I forgot to say that is for Secondary search folders.

    Looks nice dean. I did have trouble with the full package. It would only show the cover of game in disk no mater what was selected. I think it was a bad download. I deleted and reinstalled 09 then did base install of 10 and all is well.

  2. #3412
    Amoebiuss613 Guest
    That doesn't work at all, i can only get some of them to show, 2 max, being /Gamez and /GamezEXT for example.

    This is as far as i can get with the options.ini

    [Register or Login to view code]

    If i try to add more, then another stops showing.

  3. #3413
    evertonsteve Guest
    didn't see a goty edition so uploaded it.

  4. #3414
    whompus60 Guest
    Sorry to hear that. Maybe 2 usb homes is all it can work with. Maybe Dean will see this and let you know for sure.

  5. #3415
    Amoebiuss613 Guest
    Its all good, i'm just grateful for the work deanrr has done so far anyhow.

    Oh yeah, has anyone seen the blatant copy of multiman ?? what BS, someone copying someone else's work is just totally crap. Hope they rot in hell for that one.

  6. #3416
    madmax69 Guest
    Dean great work as always , in future versions can you include a way to download new themes direct to PS3 whether through the PSX store or as part of the R3 update ?

  7. #3417
    oglet Guest
    Thanks for the update!

  8. #3418
    Guids Guest
    thanks dean! you are the best!

  9. #3419
    sdlaurin Guest
    Dean, are there any plans to add future support for xvid in multiman?

  10. #3420
    alleschonweg Guest
    i would like to copy several games from a usb-hdd to the internal hdd. is there any possibility besides copying each game one by one ?

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