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    br4insick Guest
    so i did the update within multiman; it downloaded the new version and i installed it from the package installer but my multiman doesnt look like the picture of the new multiman on page 1 with the X O [] and /\ buttons.

    Does that mean it didn't get updated? Should i uninstall multiman and download the file through my computer instead of running the update from my PS3?

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    megabyte2365 Guest
    Hello, Great program and I enjoy it.

    Wank v2 355 and ran rebug 360 just before the drive corrupted. I reinstalled and returned rebug to 355 and running 1.16.03 with fine graphics. I blame kung fool rider, not you and i was just trying to get 360, 16.8 and the graphics all working again.

    Thanks again!

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    oldcrunchy Guest
    I still don't get why people use Waninkoko over KMEAW 3.55 which hasn't had any corruptions or problems as far as I know...

    Quote Originally Posted by br4insick View Post
    so i did the update within multiman;

    Does that mean it didn't get updated?
    You pressed L1 to scroll through the different screens right?

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    possnfiffer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by oldcrunchy View Post
    I still don't get why people use Waninkoko over KMEAW 3.55 which hasn't had any corruptions or problems as far as I know...
    I'm on Waninkoko CFW V2 and i love it so that's why

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    Coragin Guest
    Deanrr, this is a wonderful app, I enjoy using it so much. If I may I would like to give a suggestion/Idea. If this is not where to give suggestions, please take my sincere apologies.

    If this suggestion has already been made, again, my most sincere apologies, over 3000 posts is a lot to read to find out.

    Here is my suggestion: With the implement of the mounting of an external USB HDD Folder it has made a ton of games work, what a wonderful idea! Kudos on that. And that is where my suggestion lies, in that addition.

    It is my understanding that what SELECT+X is actually doing is mounting that specific game folder as if it were actually in the Blu Ray drive, correct? Much like a virtual drive on a PC? (If this is wrong my whole suggestion wont work)

    Well, I noticed if you try to mount anything other than a PS3 game, it wont due to there not being an eboot.bin in the USRDIR. Now I assume this is due to Multiman checking the directory structure, correct?

    Well I also know you were also working on PS2 backups with Multiman before correct? But it did not go too well.

    Well it is with that in mind where this suggestion/idea comes from. Why not change the code so if it does not find an EBOOT.BIN instead of reporting an error, have it ask "No EBOOT.BIN has been found, would you like to mount this folder anyway?" YES/NO.

    My belief is, that if it can mound a PS3 game folder and have the PS3 believe it is the actual disk, it can also mount a PS2/PSX game folder and do the same thing.

    And that is my suggestion, allow us to mount a folder that is on an external usb drive that does not contain an EBOOT.BIN as PS2/PSX games do not. And instead of like a backup copy of PS2/PSX coming up on the XMB as a "Mixed Data Disk" it should be in the Game bdvd drive part of the XMB and seen as if the game were actually a disk and in the bdvd drive.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion and I hope I explained it properly. If it has been suggested and/or tried, I apologize.


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    deank Guest

    MultiMAN v01.16.09 OBM PS3 Mod Includes New Display Mode

    Below is MultiMAN v01.16.09 OBM PS3 Mod which now features a new display mode among the changes detailed below.

    Downloads: MultiMAN v01.16.09 (Full) / MultiMAN v01.16.09 (Base) (Mirrors below)

    MultiMAN v01.16.09 Changelog:
    • Added: new display mode (fullpng=6)
    • Changed: up to 2048 files/folders in file manager

    No, it is not possible to use this approach. I already tried it

    Mirrors here:

    multiMAN ver 1.16.09 BASE (20110316_190000).rar (6.82 MB) for all FW versions:


    multiMAN ver 1.16.09 FULL (20110316_190000).rar (86.92 MB) (1622 covers) for all FW versions:


    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    enotsleachim Guest
    that looks so sweet dean, thanks as always.

  8. #3378
    br4insick Guest
    i'm pretty sure i pressed L1 to scroll thru the different screens. Nothing looks like the new picture with the actual PS controller buttons.

    I will delete it and install through a thumb drive and see how that goes. Anyone know for sure if the PS3 Package Manager v0.9 Installer for PKG files by Cyberskunk from the Rebug team is worth using? I was thinking about using that to install Multiman.

    Deanr, just a suggestion. It would be nice if we can see what version multiman we are using. Maybe somewhere in a corner or under options or where ever you like because when i press triangle to get info about multiman it only say 1.16 from XMB. Something that states the last 2 numbers would be nice (1.16.xx) either within multiman or XMB.

    It's not a big deal, thank you for all the hard work you put into MultiMan.

  9. #3379
    Padawan Gatsu Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by possnfiffer View Post
    I'm on Waninkoko CFW V2 and i love it so that's why
    Yea gotta love the direct lv2 patching, and I haven't heard of any bricks with v2. Also Dean could I make a request? Ok so the USB mount is AWESOME we all know that but would it be possible for Multiman to remember our preferences for games like that? So I don't have to recall what games black screen etc.

    My wife tried for a while to get Hot Shots Golf 5 to boot as I told her it started like every other game. Well the only one that actually boots without USB mount was the Japanese one as I forgot the US one doesn't work it black screens. Anyhow if it could recall what our preferences were that would be the bees knees.

  10. #3380
    michalss Guest
    I think deanrr should focus to NTSF support on 100%, to make sure you can run things from ext. HDD as well and than MM will be perfect.

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