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    I'm having a problem with multiman not reading my ntfs drive (so I can copy a backup across).

    I've edited the usb.cfg to:


    is that right (as in are both devices meant to be on separate lines etc) ?

    Also when I copy the usb.cfg across, it never mentions anything about overwriting the existing file (on the PS3) is it meant to ?

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    I don't think you can have more than one device at the moment.

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    oh ok. The usb conifg is only for an ntfs device is that correct (i.e. I don't need to put in the pid & vid for my FAT32 ext hdd) ?

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    Great work Dean.

    I am so ready to have the ability to replace the xmb with this all together. I dream of the day where screen 1 is game manager, screen 2 is file manager, screen 3 is linux loader, and so on. And movement from screen to screen is like from area to area in the xmb now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    It works indeed - you need though first edit the USB.CFG file to match your USB NTFS drive IDs - read back a few pages - there is a post from Dean including the links to the PC aps to find out your hard drive IDs.
    Yes, I know that and I did that correctly. But PS3 still freezes when trying to access my external 500GB NTFS drive. So I was wondering if anyone got it to work, or if it only works with USB sticks or something. Does it matter which USB port you use?

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    I believe it has to be the furthest right (dev_usb000)

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    Question HI i really need help AVCHD

    i have CFW 3.55 Kmeau, how can i watch my movies? i am newbie..


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    deanrr multiman is great and all your work is much appreciated... but is there a way to play my backups direct from ext hdd?if not its not the end of the world.. once again GOOD JOB!!

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    most all mine are on external and working fine, can you not get them to work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
    I believe it has to be the furthest right (dev_usb000)
    I guess that would depend on the drive. My ntfs drive is 500 gb my passport 3.0/2.0 it works fine on any port. I thought it did, but I just hooked it up to all 4 of them to be sure. No matter what port its on mm mounts it as pvd_usb0 as pfs drive.

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