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  1. #3271
    tekken57 Guest
    Thanks for the update to the program.

    I'm not sure I understand the screenshot function, can you take a screenshot of a game while playing the game? If so how?

  2. #3272
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    I think it's only to make a screenshot of the MultiMAN itself - basiclay what you see now in this thread in regards new features / look.

  3. #3273
    rkrause Guest
    expansion the ability to play avis and mkvs from ntfs (using of internal ps3-movie-player) would be awesome and a AIO-Solution... great work anyway; all works and i know no game that work on other bum what not on multiman.

  4. #3274
    druelie Guest
    I would like to know if the NTFS feature works for someone? I don't get it to work, PS3 just freezes when trying to activate it.

  5. #3275
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    It works indeed - you need though first edit the USB.CFG file to match your USB NTFS drive IDs - read back a few pages - there is a post from Dean including the links to the PC aps to find out your hard drive IDs.

  6. #3276
    Shellium Guest
    It freezes for me when i have 2 devices mounted in ps3. Just unplug 1. Also be sure that your ethernet cable is plugged in when you are mounting your hdd (somehow i can see my drive,but not the content while ethernet cable is unplugged). And you have to edit usb.cfg

  7. #3277
    drowsy Guest
    So, if I understand well, NTFS support is only there for copying features, ie. copy your game in an NTFS drive, mount to the PS3 and transfer on PS3 internal Hard Drive to be able to play?

    You CANNOT play directly from an NTFS drive RIGHT ?

  8. #3278
    EiKii Guest
    Yes idd right now only copy, cuz the driver is loaded with MM, and then unloaded when exit i guess. The driver needs to be loaded with the fw aka game os.

    Don't know if its possible to load it to memory with like peek/poke app, not sure. So don't go wipe your fat to ntfs just yet

  9. #3279
    tomalars Guest

    DragonAge not working?


    I love the MultiMAN manager but I have one thing nagging me. All backups works just as they should, except for DragonAge Origins and I can't figure out why?

    For some unknown reason it works if I backup it to external disks (USB or drive), but not from internal.

    What could be causing this?

  10. #3280
    mikeytikey Guest
    i do seem to have the same problem with dragon age, i use that last saved game app to reload the game works fine with that.

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