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  1. #3241
    theone1982 Guest
    Ahhh.. very smart dean :-)

  2. #3242
    nodymoha Guest
    Thanks, perfect program. Can I ask a question.. Why The Emulator of dev_flash don't work perfectly?

    the only method to do it : Run dev_binder, asbestos, lv2patcher [pl3 3.55]. After run this program it's working.

    Can I run it without dev_binder, asbestos, lv2patcher ??

  3. #3243
    evertonsteve Guest
    keep it up mate!

  4. #3244
    FMAranda Guest
    Wow Dean, MM looks amazing, good work!

  5. #3245
    severusx Guest
    You don't need to run any of those things. Just install BDEMU.PKG. It is attached to this thread.

  6. #3246
    tekken57 Guest
    I'm still having problems getting my 2tb NTFS drive to show up. These are the values I am getting for the drive:

    idVendor: 0x0939
    idProduct: 0x0B16

    There is a single partition on the drive. I have set my usb.cfg to the following:


    When I hit start and triangle in Mulitman, it seems to load the drive but nothing shows up in Multiman. When I go into filemanager mode, the external drive is not listed. All I see is the app_home, dev_flash, dev_hdd and ps3_home folders.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  7. #3247
    severusx Guest
    Your drive most likely uses a 64K block size that the PS3 will probably not be able to see. Use a smaller drive that is formated FAT32.

  8. #3248
    tekken57 Guest
    Shucks, I was hoping to use the drive as is. It has all my 8gb + blu ray avi rips and all my entire collection of ps3 games which I've been using ftp to transfer from my ps3.

  9. #3249
    deank Guest

    MultiMAN v01.16.04 for PS3 Arrives with Screenshots & New Font

    MultiMAN OBM PS3 Mod version 01.16.04 is released and available via update or from the first post.

    As always, the changelog is detailed below for those interested!

    MultiMAN 01.16.04 Changelog:
    • Freetype font support for File Manager mode
    • Cool (real) mouse pointer for File Manager mode
    • Added "screenshot" to RAW (ARGB) file format in control console
    • Added some changes to display modes 1, 2 and 3
    • Added boot logo
    • Major interface speed improvement

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  10. #3250
    timewyrm Guest
    Hi, I'm supposed to install this 1st and then bdemu is that correct ?

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