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  1. #3211
    dyceast Guest
    The Man... and best Game Manager ever for the ps3...

  2. #3212
    Edmarts Guest
    And the games only work for internal hard at work right now or external hard drive remains the same?

  3. #3213
    Xalies Guest
    Damn, this locks up my PS3

  4. #3214
    LusoOne Guest
    Thank you very much, deanrr.

  5. #3215
    Xalies Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Xalies View Post
    Damn, this locks up my PS3
    Well trying to switch to NTFS does (yes I remembered to edit USB file), multiman itself is awesome!

  6. #3216
    deank Guest
    I finally managed to get proper read/write access to video memory in multiMAN so as a first step I added a 'screenshot' command to the control console interface and for a first time I was able to grab real images of the PS3's screen (not with a camera):

  7. #3217
    hacktek Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by iskj3098ias View Post
    You have to make a file called USB.cfg with the Product and Vendor ID of the external HDD that you're using.
    Thanks a lot man, i had already checked the multiman installation folder and saw the usb.cfg file there, i just didn't know how to get those values

  8. #3218
    ih8Jelsoft Guest
    Deanrr, it's great that you implemented the NTFS PS3 lib! Now we just have to wait until someone figures out how to implement it into a CFW!

  9. #3219
    Edmarts Guest
    Please, and the games only work for internal hd at work right now or external hd remains the same?

  10. #3220
    wandiana Guest
    Mine still freeze when backup games... it freezes at the end of backup... my ps3 is a phat 80 gigs...

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