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    Quote Originally Posted by mmanolos View Post
    That's because the ntfs library only allow to read from, not to write to the disk. But reading is all you need to play backups. To copy them you have your PC.

    Thank you! Multiman is the best.
    You got it wrong!! This only allows you to copy a game from an NTFS external hard drive to your PS3s internal hard drive. You cannot play a game directly of an external NTFS hard drive; as of yet that is.

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    Am I the only one who missed out 1.16.02...? I'm on 1.16.01 and now see the update 1.16.03. No big deal off course since it's the updates itsself that counts and that actually is just genious again! Not that we expected anything less from Dean off course

    Thanks for all your hard work Dean. Appreciated!

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    Opening pics from a network drive does not work. You will only get a blank screen. MP3s work fine tho.

    Hope this will be fixed some time...


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    Dean having probs with psx store whenever I select my system freezes up , everything else aok you are a legend.

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    hi guys ! Is BDEMU required for all firmware version? Is it only for 3.55 CFW? If I've 3.41 fw I need it? thx

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    Man! Awesome! You're the greatest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by druelie View Post
    Opening pics from a network drive does not work. You will only get a blank screen. MP3s work fine tho.

    Hope this will be fixed some time...
    Thanks... It is fixed and will be ok in next update.

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    NTFS: I put correct VID and PID, but for me it also freezes after it accessed my NTFS drive for a short time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hacktek View Post
    I fail to understand how this works.

    Pressing start+/\ brings up the warning and after pressing ok it freezes my ps3. And what's the deal with the cfg file, where does it go? =/
    You have to make a file called USB.cfg with the Product and Vendor ID of the external HDD that you're using. From the NTFS library-release Readme:
    VID and PID are hexadecimal numbers that identify the USB device. Linux users can
    obtain this identification number using lsusb utility. Transcend StoreJet disk is
    displayed as:

    Bus 002 Device 011: ID 152d:2329 JMicron Technology Corp. / JMicron USA Tech...

    Windows users can use one of these utilities:

    Description | StoreJet Transcend
    Device Type | Mass Storage
    VendorID | 152d (VID)
    ProductID | 2329 (PID)
    Run the program for your OS, and in the file type: 0xVID:0xPID:V(the number of volumes on the drive)

    The file needs to be copied to (multiman folder)/USRDIR, there's already a USB.cfg there that you can overwrite.

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    thanks, any new thing added is nice.

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