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    Apr 2006
    Nice job soon enough we will see XMC or PMC or what every you guys call it with MKV support

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    Sep 2010
    Great job guys! =D

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    Jul 2008
    how exactly does the 3.56 spoof support work?

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    Oct 2006
    I fail to understand how this works.

    Pressing start+/\ brings up the warning and after pressing ok it freezes my ps3. And what's the deal with the cfg file, where does it go? =/

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    Nov 2010
    What does this line mean?
    USB.CFG configuration file edit required: 0xVNID:0xPRID:V (vendor ID, product ID, V=number of volumes)
    Where do I find these numbers?

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    I have the same problem, when I put an NTFS hard with a backup game on it, and after pressing start+X my ps3 freezes.

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    Sep 2010
    ah thank you so much for the ntfs support. you're awesome dude!!!

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    Feb 2010
    Great news about ntfs!!!... Mkv support next hopefully

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    Jan 2009
    Hi Dean,

    have a (probably stupid) question. Do you think is it possibile to implement a feature that automatically "trims" out game folders from dummy files like updates and other useless things?

    Used to try ps3 game ripper but it always force the user to do all the job manually. If it is possible, will you consider implementing this feature somedays?

    Waiting for your opinion, keep up the good job, thank you!

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    Sep 2005
    We can use this to play backups that do not require sel+x right? on ntfs isn't it possible to adapt the code to use another usb port to bdrom and read from the hard drive like having a hd on one port and a usb stick with fat32 on another for sel+x...?

    thanks, anyway just need to know were can i see that stuff to edit the file and stuff or is it not necessary?

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