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    thanks a lot for the update..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sejuice View Post
    Anyone know what the go is with the 'web browser'? Can't find it...
    I think it's what you see at the first page of this thread on pictures 4, 5 and 6.

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    Fantastic Dean. Now we can go for direct theme dl. Hope we can implement spiffy in some way then.

    Greets Modmate

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    The "gray scale cover" for split files does not work... The rest is just awsome...

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    how to install bluray movies with this, sorry for being a noob.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darsh0007 View Post
    1.16.1 doesn't load the games, pushing X doesn't do anything !!! kmaew 3.55 + Ps3 60gb.

    Any suggestions ?
    From 1.16.0 you must have BDEmu installed to launch games. Look up a few posts you'll find it.

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    THX a lot, I didn't see that before

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    With all the talk about what Sony sends itself when you power on your PS3 with an internet connection, is it just me that's worrying about all these "auto-download" options ?

    Reading it seems that it's not the best idea to have your PS3 be able to connect outside of your own network... although I guess if no-one cares about a PSN ban then it doesn't really matter

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    since fw 3.41 the ToS states sony reserves the right to force a FW update without consent.

    unless we get a FW completely debranding the ps3 of sony, we will never be safe.

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    i think you can block sony's ip from your router, no? it makes sure you don't accidently update.

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