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  1. #3161
    goodone Guest
    thanks a lot for the update..

  2. #3162
    agmarco1967 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Sejuice View Post
    Anyone know what the go is with the 'web browser'? Can't find it...
    I think it's what you see at the first page of this thread on pictures 4, 5 and 6.

  3. #3163
    modmate Guest
    Fantastic Dean. Now we can go for direct theme dl. Hope we can implement spiffy in some way then.

    Greets Modmate

  4. #3164
    Holm0308 Guest
    The "gray scale cover" for split files does not work... The rest is just awsome...

  5. #3165
    PWEE21 Guest


    how to install bluray movies with this, sorry for being a noob.

  6. #3166
    vnguyen972 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by darsh0007 View Post
    1.16.1 doesn't load the games, pushing X doesn't do anything !!! kmaew 3.55 + Ps3 60gb.

    Any suggestions ?
    From 1.16.0 you must have BDEmu installed to launch games. Look up a few posts you'll find it.

  7. #3167
    darsh0007 Guest
    THX a lot, I didn't see that before

  8. #3168
    randomusername Guest
    With all the talk about what Sony sends itself when you power on your PS3 with an internet connection, is it just me that's worrying about all these "auto-download" options ?

    Reading it seems that it's not the best idea to have your PS3 be able to connect outside of your own network... although I guess if no-one cares about a PSN ban then it doesn't really matter

  9. #3169
    sdlaurin Guest
    since fw 3.41 the ToS states sony reserves the right to force a FW update without consent.

    unless we get a FW completely debranding the ps3 of sony, we will never be safe.

  10. #3170
    bruticus0 Guest
    i think you can block sony's ip from your router, no? it makes sure you don't accidently update.

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